4x4 Insurance


Just like you, your off-road vehicle is multi-talented. It carries your precious cargo to and from school, gets you to the office in style, and enables you to navigate those steep hills and rocky roads. If you love getting out there in your 4x4, it’s time to get an Off-road Car Insurance quote specifically designed for women.

Comprehensive Off-road Car Insurance

A wide-ranging vehicle needs wide-ranging car insurance. You’ll be insured if your car is lost, stolen, or damaged, and if you cause damage to a third-party’s property. We also give you a comprehensive third-party liability cover.

If you break down or have an accident and your 4X4 can’t be driven, we will arrange for it to be towed to the nearest repairer or storage yard by an approved tow truck driver and pay for these costs.

We also give you up to R10 000 in cover for your off-roader’s fitted accessories should they be damaged, up to R500 for the theft of your spare wheel, and up to R3 000 to replace lost or stolen car keys.

Off-road Car Insurance benefits

Because our Off-road Vehicle Insurance has been specifically designed for women, we’ve included assist benefits that help you and your loved ones when you need it most, just like a guardian angel would.  

Guardian Angel on Call

You get the complete range of benefits of Guardian Angel on Call, a mobile crash detector that sends emergency help if you’re in a severe accident and can’t call for assistance. This benefit doesn’t only look after you – you can share it with the regular driver on your policy and up to five family and household members, so your nearest and dearest have their very own Guardian Angels on the road too. 

Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance

Our specifically designed Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance benefits help you get out there and live your life without having to stress about the little things.

Road Assist: Whether you’ve broken down, punctured a tyre, or are nervous about waiting at the side of the road alone, our Guardian Angels are there to safely see you on your way again.

Home Assist: Home emergencies can be stressful, but they don’t need to be. Let us take care of organising urgent home assistance, from electricians to plumbers, when something goes wrong.

Medical Assist: It’s awful when a loved one falls ill and you don’t quite know what to do. Our 24/7 telephonic medical assist line is staffed with trained professionals who can give you medical advice when you need it.

Tax, Finance, and Legal Assist: Make sure your money works hard for you and your affairs are in order with our professional experts who can assist you with your basic financial and legal matters.

Concierge Assist: Sometimes, a guardian angel is just an assistant who takes care of the little things while you focus on the bigger picture. Concierge Assist can help with all of your organisational and travel plans. 

Off-Road Car Insurance quotes

Get an affordable Off-road Car Insurance quote online today from 1st for Women and instantly get the complete range of assist benefits designed specifically for women when you become one of our customers.


Off-road Insurance Benefits

  • Guardian Angel on Call
  • Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance
  • Medical expenses up to R5 000 per incident
  • Car hire if your car has been stolen/damaged

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