Boat Insurance


If you’re a water-loving woman with an adventurous spirit, 1st for Women has Watercraft Insurance specifically designed for you. No matter if you spend your weekends jet skiing at your local dam or devote your summer holidays to exploring our coastline on your boat, as long as you use your watercraft for social, domestic, or pleasure purposes, we’ll give it the comprehensive cover it needs.

Jet Ski Insurance

We offer Comprehensive Jet Ski Insurance so you can fully enjoy your time on the water knowing your watercraft is covered for theft, loss, damage, and third-party liability. This cover extends to the jet ski’s machinery, motors, standard fittings, gear, equipment, and fitted accessories.

Boat Insurance

You deserve a stress-free break out on the water, which is why we provide Boat Insurance specifically designed for women. We’ll take care of the what-ifs while you take care of your skiff. Our Boat Insurance covers your boat against accidental damage, theft, loss, and third-party liability. This includes the boat’s machinery, motors, standard fittings and accessories, gear, and equipment.

Remember, our Boat Insurance doesn’t cover your boat trailer, only the boat itself, as this is a separate vehicle. If you’d like to insure your boat trailer as well, we can cover it with Trailer Insurance specifically designed for women.

Waterskier Liability

We know you’re a responsible navigator and a cautious waterskier, but accidents can still happen. That’s why you can add Waterskier Liability to your Boat Insurance policy. This provides liability cover for the waterskier or the navigator should an accident happen and a person is hurt or property is damaged while a waterskier is being towed by your watercraft.

Watercraft Insurance benefits

If your watercraft is damaged by fire, we’ll cover the cost to repair or replace it as long as you have a properly installed and maintained fire extinguisher onboard.

If your watercraft is used in an organised regatta, we’ll cover up to two-thirds of the cost of repairing or replacing sails, masts, spars, and standing and running rigging that were damaged in the race.

Because you love the freedom of the water, you should have the freedom to use your watercraft not only in South African waters, but also in those of Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Don’t let the worry of being stranded in foreign waters keep you from your aquatic adventures. If you’re stranded, your watercraft sinks, or it’s involved in a collision, we’ll cover the cost of finding it along with the expense of salvaging it and delivering it to the nearest border post.

And if someone in your craft is injured in an accident, we’ll pay for a portion of the medical costs. 

Watercraft Insurance quotes

At 1st for Women, we understand how precious your time out on the water is to you. Protect that time and your valuable watercraft with Comprehensive Watercraft Insurance, whether for your jet ski or boat. Get a Watercraft Insurance Quote specifically designed for women today.

Watercraft Insurance Benefits

  • Accidental damage/theft up to market or stated value
  • Finding your lost/sunken/stranded watercraft
  • Salvaging/delivering watercraft to nearest border post

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