Home Contents Insurance


Your home contents are more than just ‘things’. They are how you express yourself, allowing you to create a comfortable house that feels like home. We understand how devastating it would be if your valuables were lost, stolen, or destroyed. That’s why we offer tailor-made Home Contents Insurance quotes specifically designed for women.

Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance

We cover you for a range of home troubles, mishaps, and accidents, so you can get out there without worrying about what might happen to your valuables.

Acts of nature: We’ll insure your home contents if they are damaged by acts of nature such as fires, storms, floods, lightning, explosions, falling trees, and earthquakes.

Theft: If your home is broken into and your valuables and your guests’ belongings are stolen, we’ve got you (and them) covered. We’ll also replace any locks and keys that are damaged during a break-in.

Loss or damage: You know that being prepared for anything pays off. That’s why our Home Contents Insurance even includes cover for aircraft or objects falling from them, animals, vehicles, and burst pipes that damage your home contents. And are you tired of throwing out good food gone bad because of load-shedding? We’ve got you covered for the food that spoils in your fridge and freezer during a power failure.

Cover for your pets: Automatically included in our Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance quotes is cover for your pets if they are injured in a road accident.

Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance

With this type of Home Insurance, we’ll cover you for all those unlikely but completely possible natural disasters and acts of nature that can leave your valuables in ruins.

Handbag Cover

Because our Home Contents Insurance is specifically designed for women, we’ve included generous Handbag Cover with all of our Home Insurance quotes. You get R25 000 of cover for loss, damage, and theft of your handbag and for all the goodies you keep in there that allow you to get out there and do your thing.

Home Contents Insurance benefits

You don’t just get cover for yourself, your family, your guests, and your pets when you take out a 1st for Women Home Contents Insurance quote; you get a whole range of added benefits too.

Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance

Our tailor-made benefits were created with you in mind, giving you the support to get out there on the road, make that home look beautiful, take care of your loved ones, and more. This includes Home Assist, which gives you access to a database of professional tradespeople, like electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, and glaziers, who can help you urgently in a home emergency.

Home Contents Insurance quotes

You work hard to make your home look good. That’s why you deserve insurance specifically designed for women, so you can get the best possible cover for your valuables. Get a Home Contents Insurance quote online in a few minutes or call us on 0861 33 93 39 to speak to one of our helpful consultants today.


Home Contents Insurance Benefits

  • Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance
  • Veterinary expenses for household pets
  • Covers damaged locks/keys due to break-ins

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