ideas to Business

Turning an innovative idea into a business

If you’ve ever watched Oprah’s popular TV talk show, you’ll know what an ‘aha moment’ is. This is one of her favourite expressions, and she uses it when she has an epiphany that...

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Women leading the way in tech and business

We’ve talked before about the women economy, also known as ‘womenomics’, and how women are making waves in the worlds of business, tech, and just about everywhere...


How technology is improving women’s lives

The older you become and the more you grow, you may find that the roles you fulfil change over time, too. Even in a single day, you go from being an aspiring athlete on your morning run, to a businesswoman...

Blog_stay safe on the road

Stay safe on the road this festive season

We often consider the importance of making sure that our vehicles are in tip-top condition before taking them on long road trips at this time of the year. Getting your tyres, oil, water and other essentials checked is important, but...

post_leaderex winner

Announcing the 1st for Women Leaderex Winner

Women all over the world are doing some simply amazing things. We’re taking on more leadership roles and have had such an impact on global economic growth in recent years that the terms “Women Economy"...

post_reflect on the year

A guide to reflecting on the year

As the year winds down, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your insurance and get new insurance quotes on your car, home, and buildings, so you can make sure that your needs as a woman are totally covered in the coming New Year.

post_inspriational women 2015

2015’s most inspirational women

Extra support for these last weeks of the year, we thought we’d share encouraging stories of women from around the globe who are doing their best and making a difference...

post_sisters with blisters start

Heel-to-heal: we walked for a cause

We’re happy to report that this year we held another successful Sisters with Blisters Protest Walk. This was the 10th anniversary of the event, which saw 5 000 women, men and pooches walk 5km together...


Clever security tips for the holidays

The holidays are drawing closer and we’re looking forward to the release of a contented sigh as we leave work for the last time in 2015 and get ready for a relaxing, much-needed vacation.


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