Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to a pro rata refund if I cancel my policy in the middle of the month? (Premium Queries)

Can I insure two separate addresses on one policy?

Can I pay my premium annually? (Premium Queries)

Can I take a loan against my Cash Back Bonus?

Can my age affect my premium? (Premium Queries)

Do you insure Kruger Rands?

How do I obtain documentation for my policy?

I am having difficulty logging into the website because I forgot my password?

If I cannot afford my premium this month, can I pay double next month? (Premium Queries)

Is it true that my marital status can affect my premium? (Premium Queries)

The system is not recognising my cell number, email address or my ID number, so I can't log in?

What do I need to do to cancel my policy?

What factors are taken into account in determining what premium I pay? (Premium Queries)

What is a Cashback and when does it pay out?

What is the difference between the retail, trade and market value of my car?

When my vehicle is damaged in an accident, can I have it repaired at the panel beater of my choice?

Where do I send my inspection certificate?

Where do I take my vehicle for inspection?

Who can make changes to my policy?

Why am I charged a penalty fee if my initial deduction was not successful? (Premium Queries)

Why are my children disallowed drivers on the vehicle on the policy?

Why do I need to install a tracking device in my vehicle?

Why does my premium increase every year even though the value of my car depreciates? (Premium Queries)

Why is a vehicle inspection necessary?

Will I be able to register once and have access to all the policies I hold with 1st for Women using one email address?

Will I be able to view my policy details online without having registered?

When do I have my policy annual review? (Premium Queries)

If I have questions about my policy annual review, who can I speak to? (Premium Queries)

What is an excess? (Excess)

How can I reduce my excess? (Excess)

Why do I have to pay an excess if I was not at fault? (Excess)

Why is an additional excess payable if someone else drives my vehicle? (Excess)

How do I submit a claim? (Claim)

What happens to my Cash Back Bonus if I claim? (Claim)

If someone drives my vehicle without my consent and is involved in an accident, will you still pay my claim? (Claim)

Can someone else submit a claim on my behalf? (Claim)

How long do I have to submit a claim? (Claim)

Electrical Grid Failure exclusion

What is an electrical grid failure?

Will I still be covered during electrical grid failure?

Will I still have cover for power surges after the electrical grid has been restored?

Can I claim for deterioration of food during electrical grid failure?

Will my car insurance cover me when the traffic light is out due to electrical grid failure, and I have an accident?

Will I still have theft cover during an electrical grid failure if the alarm at the risk address was not functional due to lack of battery support?

What is meant by the exclusion of “consequential loss” caused by electrical grid failure?

Can I buy cover for electrical grid failure?