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What is BetterCar Value?

BetterCar Value is an insured value available to our Comprehensive Car Insurance policyholders. Traditionally, you’d have the option to insure your vehicle for its retail, market, or trade value. Retail was the highest value and trade was the lowest, with the highest and lowest payouts.

Now with 1st for Women insurance, you have another option – BetterCar Value. This insures your vehicle for an even higher value than retail, which means you get an even larger payout.

If your car is written off due to an accident  we’ll pay you out the same amount that it would cost you to buy the same model car but one year newer or we will pay out 15% more than the retail value of the car.


BetterCar Value benefits

  • Get the same model car you know and love, but one year newer if yours is written off due to an accident.


We’re proud to be rated an excellent 9.2*/10 for service excellence.

*Based on customer feedback from internal surveys following service interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the retail, market and trade car values?

Who should get BetterCar Insurance?

Will you pay me out in cash or buy another vehicle on my behalf?

BetterCar Value

For only a small additional fee on your Comprehensive Car Cover policy, you can get BetterCar. Get a BetterCar Insurance quote today.