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Tyre & Rim Guard

The state of the roads can leave your tyres, rims and bank balance in a state of disrepair. With our Tyre & Rim Guard you can get back on the road safely (with your savings intact) as we’ll take care of accidental damage caused by uneven roads and potholes. Plus, we’ll throw in our Fine Support benefit for quick and efficient traffic fine monitoring notification and discounts.

What can I claim for?

You can claim for the repair or replacement of the tyres and rims fitted on your vehicle that is accidentally damaged by potholes or uneven road surfaces. You can claim for 2 tyre incidents and 2 rim incidents up to the limit of your selected plan per year.

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You can choose the cover that best suits your needs and pocket. With 5 different plans to select from, the right cover for you will correlate with the replacement value of a tyre on your vehicle. Plans range from R1 000 up to R10 000. A used tyre tread excess is payable on a tyre claim. We work this out based on the amount of used tyre tread at the time of the claim – so the less worn the tyre, the lower the excess.

Plan A

Plan B

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Plan E

Fine support

What is covered?

With Fine Support, you’ll get quick and efficient traffic fine monitoring and notification service plus assistance in securing discounts on new fines if available.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is excluded from Fine Support?

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