When you work so hard to maintain your business, it can be emotionally and financially devastating to lose your income if you have to stop business operations for any reason, even when it’s temporary. 

A decent Business Insurance policy will always contain some kind of business interruption that includes loss of income protection in case the worst happens and you can’t conduct your business.

At 1st for Women Insurance, Business Interruption is included in our Business Insurance policies no matter if you run a retail store or offer professional services. Any businesswoman with business interruption cover can confidently run her business without worrying about the what-ifs. 

Sound like something your business could benefit from? Keep reading to find out all there is to know about loss of income and how you can guard yourself against disastrous circumstances that could disrupt your livelihood.

What is Business Interruption

Business Interruption is a business insurance term. It refers to a short-term situation where you lose income due to an unforeseen event you can’t help which disrupts the operations of your business. Here’s an example: A massive storm knocks over a tree into the roof of your retail shop, ruining your roof and some of your merchandise. You can’t open the store until the tree has been removed, the roof repaired, and the damaged stock replaced. You’ll therefore lose income during the time you’re sorting this out.

What is Business Interruption insurance?

Business interruption benefit bridges the gap while you get your business back up and running. It’s designed to make up the income you lose during the period of time you can’t run your business, so it’s like you never lose a day of income at all. It helps take care of your livelihood and ease the stress during a challenging time.

What causes Business Interruption?

Some of the events or circumstances that could cause business interruption might seem farfetched, but they’ve happened before and can happen again. Not all of these will be covered under your business insurance policy, so be sure to check the wording on your schedule to know exactly what you’re covered for.Insurers are usually quite specific about when a business-owner can and can’t claim Business Interruption.

  • Damage to the business premises.

  • Damage to business equipment and machinery.

  • Damage to office furniture.

  • An infectious disease.

  • Restrictions imposed by a civil authority.

  • Riot or civil unrest.

  • Aviation crash.

At 1st for Women, our Business Insurance covers you if your premises, machinery, equipment, or furniture are accidently damaged, whether it’s from a natural occurrence like a fire or flood, or due to theft.

What else does Business Interruption insurance include? 

Business Interruption insurance ensures you have money coming in while you’re not operating, but your insurer may also cover additional expenses, such as: 

  • Operating expenses you still need to pay, like rent, utilities, business loan repayments, suppliers, and employees, even if your business isn’t running.

  • Rental for temporary premises if you need to move your business somewhere else in the short-term.

Who needs Business Interruption insurance?

Business Interruptions can seem unlikely. After all, what are the odds an airplane engine will fall from the sky and land on your premises? But an unexpected pandemic or an out-of-control veld fire could wreck everything you’ve worked so hard for. If this or any other unexpected event affected your operations, would you still be able to pay your suppliers, your employees, support your family, or even keep your business running? 

What kind of Business Interruption cover do you need?

The kind of cover you need depends on a few factors, such as your industry and where your premises are located. For example, if you own a retail store, it’s vital you get Business Interruption insurance that pays out if your physical shop is damaged and you must close your doors until the damage has been repaired. If you own a factory, your expensive equipment should be covered in case it’s damaged or stolen. If you operate in an area where civil unrest is common, ask your insurer to include Sasria cover in case your premises are damaged during a riot.

Why do you need Business Interruption insurance?

With cover for Business Interruption, you don’t need to worry about making sure your employees and suppliers are paid, or whether you can make do on a personal level without income. If your business is disrupted, a Business Interruption policy will see you through the tough times and allow you to focus on getting back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Why does 1st for Women cover Business Interruption ? 

It’s simple. We care about the businesses – large and small – that power our country’s economy. We know that behind every businesswoman are people who rely on her to provide for them, whether it’s her family or her employees. By helping businesswomen continue to work, even during dire circumstances, we’re helping entrepreneurs, their employees and families, and our country’s economy. 

That’s what each of our clients gets when they take out our Business Insurance specifically designed for women.

How to claim on a Business Interruption benefit?

If your business operations are interrupted, it’s as easy to submit a claim for Business Interruption cover as any other kind of insurance claim. Here is a basic overview of how it works:

1. Have the specific details of the incident or event that led to the business interruption ready when you first report the claim to your insurer.

2. Take photos and videos of the damage to prove what happened and the extent of the destruction.

3. Meet with the loss adjuster as soon as possible if the insurer needs to send someone to assess the damage.

4. Depending on how your business has been interrupted, you might need to open a case with the SAPS. When you claim on your 1st for Women Business Interruption for damage caused by a theft or attempted theft, you will need to visit the police station.

5. Furnish any additional information your insurer might request, such as average monthly income, rental costs, utility bills, employee salaries, and other operating expenses.

How long can you claim Business Interruption for? 

Because Business Interruption cover is temporary, your insurer won’t cover your Business Interruption indefinitely – only a few weeks or months. It’s therefore important to put into motion whatever needs to happen for your business to continue normally as soon as possible.

The amount of time covered will either be noted in your insurance schedule or it will be determined on a case-by-case basis, so be sure to check with your insurer how they decide how long they cover you for.

Dealing with Business Interruption

Any interruption to a business, no matter how big or small, can place a business owner in a vulnerable position. Even with Business Interruption cover, it’s a good idea to find ways to save money while you’re getting your operations back up and running. Here are some ideas for doing this:

  • Speak to your accountant or financial advisor. She can help you determine the best way to overcome any additional financial loss you might suffer.

  • Minimise your losses as best you can. Consider moving to a temporary location to continue conducting your business rather than simply ceasing all operations until the crisis is resolved. If you run a retail store, consider selling online. You can set up an online store affordably, especially if you have insurance with us. You automatically get access to our Biz Assist benefit which includes digital advertising services.

  • Co-operate with your insurance company promptly. The faster you give them the information and documents they need, the quicker your claim will be paid.

  • Review your budget. Look for ways to save money to put into a rainy-day fund. The next time you face an income loss, you’ll have a safety net to help ease your stress.

Business Interruption Insurance quotes

Business Interruption is included standard in our 1st for Business Women and 1st for Professional Women Business Insurance products. These are specifically designed for women who own physical stores, like a retail shop or hair salon, and those offering professional services, such as an accountant or engineer. You also get a range of additional coverage and benefits when you join the 1st for Women Business Insurance family, like cover for your business vehicle, specialised liability, goods in transit insurance, glass cover, and more.

When anything could happen to your business at any time, it makes sense to get Business Interruption insurance that includes a loss of income benefit as soon as possible. Just one day could mean the difference between business as usual and business disaster if something were to interrupt your operations. 

Get a 1st for Women Business Insurance quote today by calling us on 0861 11 16 67, email us on [email protected], or get a Business Interruption Insurance quote online in your own time. 


Terms and conditions apply. Long-term insurance products are underwritten by 1Life Insurance Limited, an authorised financial services provider (FSP24769).

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