The 1st for Women Foundation

The 1st for Women Foundation was established in 2005 with one objective: to uplift and empower the women of South Africa. To date, the Foundation has donated over R40 million to a number of women-related charity organisations that focus on two main causes: gender-based violence and cervical cancer. Thanks to our customers who donate a portion of their monthly insurance premium to the Foundation, we have made a tangible and sustainable difference to the lives of thousands of South African women. This difference is testament to the collective power of women.


Gender-based Violence - 1st for Women Insurance

Gender-based Violence

In a country known as the rape capital of the world, gender-based violence is a shocking reality for so many South African women. Gender-based violence is a violation of human rights and a form of discrimination. It is defined as violence that is directed against a person on the basis of gender.

Cervical Cancer - 1st for Women Insurance

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is preventable and can be effectively treated if diagnosed early enough. That said, it’s the second most common cancer in women, after breast cancer, and is the most common cancer in women in developing countries. In South Africa, one out of 35 women will develop cervical cancer.



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