Going on holiday with the family often means taking half your home with you. Your caravan and trailer allow you to make sure everyone has a good trip, knowing you’ve planned for every contingency and have everything your loved ones might need. That’s why we offer Caravan and Trailer Insurance quotes specifically designed for women.

Caravan Insurance

Our Caravan Insurance is specifically designed for women who need comprehensive cover for nearly any eventuality. We’ll cover your caravan against loss, theft, accidental damage, and third-party damage, as well as acts of nature like fires, explosions, storms, earthquakes, and more.

Caravan Loose Contents Insurance

Because the possessions you keep in your caravan are just as valuable as the caravan itself, you can add Caravan Loose Contents Cover to your Caravan Insurance policy. This way, you can cover all those loose bits and bobs you take with you to make your caravan your home away from home. These contents will be covered for theft, loss, and accidental damage, as well as damage caused by acts of nature.

Trailer Insurance

Driving with a trailer requires extra concentration. Because we know you like to be extra safe on the road, our Trailer Insurance provides comprehensive cover for theft, loss, and damage, so you can focus on getting to your destination safely while we worry about looking after your trailer. 

Remember that our 1st for Women Trailer Insurance covers only the trailer itself and not the contents within it. But if you’d like to insure your valuables as well, you can simply take out a Portable Possessions policy with us and all those extras you take with you to make your holiday comfy will be covered too.

Caravan and Trailer Insurance Benefits

Towing and storage

If you have an adventurous heart and love to explore the more remote parts of our country, you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing you’re in good hands even if something happens in the middle of nowhere. We’ll cover the cost of towing and storage if your caravan or trailer is damaged and you can’t continue your journey with it. Just make sure to use the 1st for Women towline so we can send the right help to you.

Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance

Our Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance benefits come standard with our 1st for Women Caravan and Trailer Insurance. This includes Road, Home, Medical, Tax, Finance, and Legal, and Concierge Assist. So whether you need urgent help at the side of the road, have a medical or home emergency, need tax advice, or want a helping hand to book an important appointment, our Guardian Angels are on standby to help you. 

Caravan and Trailer Insurance quotes

Whether you’re exploring our country on an extended holiday in your caravan or are heading to the coast for a few weeks with your family and trailer in tow, make sure all of your vehicles are covered with insurance specifically designed for women. Get a 1st for Women Caravan and trailer Insurance Quote today.

Caravan & Trailer Insurance Benefits

  • Towing/storage of your vehicle after an accident
  • Damage to third-party vehicle/property in an accident
  • Accidental damage/theft up to market/stated value

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