Personal Insurance


With Personal Insurance specifically designed for women, you can get out there and do your thing – text your friends, take that road trip, go on that once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you should have Personal Insurance that’s got you covered, which is why we offer an extensive range of Personal Insurance quotes.

Cash Back Plus

Add Cash Back Plus to any 1st for Women Insurance policy and you’ll get cashback in just four years’ time if you remain claim-free. We’ll pay you up to 25% of all your premiums or the first year’s premiums, whichever is the lesser amount. 

Personal Accident Insurance

Our Personal Accident Insurance quotes cover you and your loved ones if you’re in an accident and are hospitalised, become disabled, or pass away, ensuring a tax-free payout or comprehensive hospital cover.

Funeral Insurance

Make sure you secure financial peace of mind for your family when you pass away. Our Funeral Insurance will help your loved ones to cover the cost of your funeral.

Cellphone Insurance

Isn’t it funny that you only notice how much you need your cellphone when it’s not around? Your cellphone helps you get out there and do the things you like to do. Make sure it’s covered with tailor-made Cellphone Insurance.

Scratch & Dent Insurance

You look good in your car and you like your car to look good too. Keep the paintwork looking as great as the day you bought it with Scratch and Dent Insurance

Tyre & Rim Insurance

Tight corners and countless potholes mean your car’s tyres and rims are going to need some repairing or replacing from time to time. That’s why we make it easy for you to get a Tyre & Rim Insurance quote.

Auto Top-up Plus Insurance

What happens if your car is ever stolen (or written off) and you still owe the bank? That could cost you a lot of money. That’s why you need Auto Top-Up Plus. This finance shortfall policy pays out the difference between the comprehensive car insurance payout and any amount you still owe on the vehicle. It even includes other benefits like personal accident cover as well as excess and installment protector.

Vehicle Warranty

We offer our Vehicle Warranty with three different tiers, making sure that you have cover that’s perfect for whatever you drive. From mechanical components to the electric and electronic systems, 1st for Women Vehicle Warranty means you will be prepared for any eventuality.

Legal Cover

This Insurance cover makes sure your legal interests are a top priority and helps you to gain a better understanding of your legal rights.

Personal Loans

You can’t predict when you might need to cover emergency medical bills or pay for major repairs to your car. That’s why we offer Personal Loans specifically designed to help you get back on your feet in no time.


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Personal Insurance Benefits

  • Cash Back Plus
  • Retrenchment Premium Waiver
  • Death Premium Waiver

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