Portable Possessions Insurance


Text those girls. Skype that client. Wear those pants. Get out there with Portable Possessions Insurance from 1st for Women. 

We’ll cover the standard portable possessions you and your household members take with you up to a specific value. Think of your reusable straws, the sling bag you take on your girls’ nights, and the other little bits and bobs you keep on you.

You can also choose to specify higher value items on your Portable Possessions Insurance policy if you want to keep those extra valuable items safe, such as:

Jewellery Insurance

Wear that wedding ring or tennis bracelet because we’ve got you covered. If you have a piece of jewellery that goes with every outfit and you can’t imagine leaving the house without it, make sure to specify Jewellery Insurance on your Portable Possessions policy.

Camera Insurance

Whether you use your camera for work or just to capture precious moments with your loved ones, you can specify it when you get a Portable Possessions Insurance quote from 1st for Women. If your camera is lost, stolen, or damaged, we may not be able to get back the photos stored on it, but we can make sure you get paid out its value.

Laptop Insurance

Your laptop is like your right-hand woman. If you take it with you to meetings, family events, or lectures, you can specify Laptop Insurance on your Portable Possessions policy. Make sure you can replace it with insurance specifically designed for women if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged. 

Handbag Insurance

If you love rocking your Louis Vuitton handbag, Handbag Insurance is a must. Our standard Portable Possessions Insurance covers your handbag and its contents for up to R25 000. But if your bag is an asset in itself and is worth more than that, you can add specialised Handbag Cover to your policy.

Clothing Insurance

Your clothes are a way for you to make a statement about yourself, and when you look your best, you feel your best. Cover your couture collection by specifying Clothing Insurance on your Portable Possessions policy so that those high fashion items can be replaced if they’re damaged or stolen.

Glasses Insurance

If you need prescription eyewear, you’ll know how expensive it is to replace your glasses. If you never leave home without a valuable pair of shades, whether for fashion or medical purposes, you can specify them on your Portable Possessions Cover. 

Cellphone Insurance

Can you imagine how lost you’d be without your cellphone? What a nightmare. Get a Cellphone Insurance quote from 1st for Women to replace your phone with the same or a similar model if it’s lost, stolen, or damaged. Plus, you don’t need to have Portable Possessions Insurance with us to cover your phone – you can take out Cell Phone Insurance as a standalone product.

All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance is just another way of saying Comprehensive Portable Possessions Insurance. It makes sure your portable possessions are completely covered for theft, accidental damage, and loss. Get a Portable Possessions insurance quote online today!


Portable Possessions Insurance Benefits

  • Cover the valuables that you use daily against loss, accidental damage or theft
  • Option to specify items of a higher value

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