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Business Car Insurance

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About Business Car Insurance

At 1st for Women, we understand the importance of having the right insurance for businesses and being protected in the business world, which is why we offer specialised Business Car Insurance tailored to your requirements. This type of insurance is a crucial safeguard for professionals who rely on their vehicles for day-to-day business duties.

Our policies provide comprehensive coverage for your business vehicles, ensuring you're protected in case of accidents, theft, or damage. We understand that time is money, so we strive to streamline the claims process, getting you back on the road and back to business as quickly as possible.

With competitive rates and personalised service, our Business Car Insurance is designed to give you peace of mind while you focus on growing your business. Drive with confidence with 1st for Women. Speak with a consultant today for details and a free quote.

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At 1st for Women, we go the extra mile for our customers. And that’s why, when asked how easy it is to deal with us, they scored us 9.1*/10.

*Based on customer feedback from internal surveys following service interactions during Aug – Oct 2020.

Business Assist Benefits 

Our Biz Assist Benefits provide invaluable support to women professionals across South Africa. With services like marketing assistance, office assist, business concierge, financial advice and other business-related help, we empower you to navigate the complexities of running a business successfully. 


Our dedicated professionals are just a call away, ensuring you have the guidance and resources needed to thrive in the business world. It's a helping hand when you need it most, allowing you to focus on business growth with confidence and peace of mind.


Here are some of the benefits of 1st for Women Business Assist:

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Safe Drive and Convenience Drive

Whether you need to be driven home from a business lunch, your car has gone in for a service, broken down, or even if you need to be dropped off at the airport, Biz Assist will ensure you’re safely transported to your home or work. Whether you’re running between meetings, need an airport transfer or your car has been booked in for a service and you need to be collected from the dealership, you can rely on Convenience Drive for assistance.

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Road Assist

Whether it's a flat tyre, a dead battery, or any other car trouble, our expert team is just a call away. We provide fast, reliable service to get you back on your journey, giving you the peace of mind you need while driving. With Road Assist, you're never alone on the road, making your safety and convenience our top priority.

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Get a cash back reward add-on

When you take out Business Car Insurance with 1st for Women, you can add Cashbanck Plus. This extra offers you cash back if you don’t claim for four years. You’ll get a payout of all the premiums from your first year or up to 25% of your total premiums over four years (whichever is less). You’ll also get a range of other benefits

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Emergency Medical Transportation

During a medical emergency, Biz Assist provides immediate access to nurses, paramedics, and accredited medical assistance service providers nationwide. 

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