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All About 1st for Women Business Insurance 


Running a business as a woman comes with enough to worry about; don’t let unexpected financial costs be one of them. Protect your business with 1st for Women Business Insurance. We care about your business as much as you do and are eagerly cheering you on from the sidelines!


So, close those deals. Make that money. Get out there and grow your business, knowing that you’ve got an insurance policy to fall back on in times of need. Our range of insurance for businesses is specifically designed for professional and entrepreneurial women like yourselves. 


Get Business cover that gives you everything you need to manage the risks and demands that the modern businesswoman faces. Because we know you’ve already got a lot on your plate! We offer various tailor-made options depending on your profession or what kind of business you own. And if you have a company car, you can add Business Vehicle Insurance to any of your Business Insurance policies.

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What is Business Insurance?


This policy acts like a safety net, aiding your recovery and continuity during a challenging situation. That’s because running a business comes with many ups and downs. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you work, certain risks come with owning your own business. This is where Business Insurance comes in, as it safeguards a company from financial losses due to unexpected events. Coverage can include liability for accidents, property damage, theft and business interruption. 

Having the right kind of insurance will protect your small to mid-size enterprise from losses due to covered events that lead to damage or loss. 


Whether you experience an office burglary or machine breakdown or you get pulled into a legal battle over a third-party injury claim, Business Insurance is there to cover the financial costs of getting you up and running again. Without it, you may need to pay out-of-pocket for costly damages or legal claims against your company, which could have some serious financial impacts on your business.


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At 1st for Women, we go the extra mile for our customers. And that’s why, when asked how easy it is to deal with us, they scored us 9.1*/10.

*Based on customer feedback from internal surveys following service interactions during Aug – Oct 2020.

Business Assist


When you take out a Business Insurance policy with 1st for Women, you’ll get automatic and free access to our top-class range of Assist Benefits. You will also get the Guardian Angel on Call and Guardian Angel Lifestyle for emergencies on the road, at home or in the workplace. 


Our team of professionals are always on call, ensuring you have the right kind of guidance and resources needed to thrive. It's a helping hand when you need it most, allowing you to focus on business growth with confidence and peace of mind.

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Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance


A robust Lifestyle Assist benefit offering several different resources and practical support services, like Home Assist, Medical Assist and Concierge Assist. The Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance is designed to help you make life easier and enhance your well-being and safety.

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Cash Back Plus

You can add Cashback Plus to any of our Business Insurance policies. This optional extra provides a cash back reward if you remain claim-free for four years. You’ll get a payout of all the premiums from your first year or up to 25% of your total premiums over four years (whichever is less).

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Guardian Angels on Call


You can rely on us if you ever have a flat tyre or run out of fuel. That’s because we guarantee women a heightened sense of security when they’re on the road by providing them with access to trained professionals and practical resources who can assist in a road or mechanical emergency. 


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1st for Women Foundation


Be part of the solution. The 1st for Women Foundation focuses on supporting vulnerable women by supporting community initiatives, advocacy groups and non-profit associations that help empower women, grow their economic independence and provide safety resources in times of crisis.


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