Close those deals. Make that money. Get out there and grow your business, knowing that you’ve got a 1st for Women Business Insurance policy to fall back on in times of need. Our 1st for Women Business Insurance quotes are specifically designed for entrepreneurial women, like yourselves. Get business cover that gives you everything you need to manage the risks and demands that the modern businesswoman faces. Because we know you’ve already got a lot on your plate!

We offer various tailor-made options depending on what kind of business you own. And if you have a company car, then you can also add on Business Vehicle Insurance to any of our Business Insurance policies.

Have a look at our options below and get in touch with us to get a Business Insurance Quote that helps you hustle and supports your business’s growth.

What is Business Insurance?

Running a business comes with many ups and downs. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you work, there are certain risks that come with owning your own business. Which is where Business Insurance comes in. Business cover protects your business from losses due to events that occur during the normal course of business. Whether you experience an office break-in, your machinery breaks or you get pulled into a legal battle, Business Insurance is there to cover the financial costs of getting you up and running again. Without it, you may need to pay out-of-pocket for costly damages or legal claims against your company. Depending on what happened, this could have some serious financial impacts on your business.

Because not every business is the same, 1st for Women offers different types of Business Insurance, specialised to each type’s individual needs. These include 1st for Business Women, 1st for Professional Women, 1st for Executive Women, Professional Indemnity, Small Business Insurance and Director’s and Officers Business Insurance.

Business Insurance quote

Running a business as a woman comes with enough to worry about, don’t let unexpected financial costs be one of them. Protect your business with 1st for Women Business Insurance. We care about your business as much as you do and are eagerly cheering you on from the sidelines!

Get a Business Insurance quote specifically designed for you and your business today from 1st for Women. You can either call us on 0861 11 16 67, or if you’d prefer, submit your details via the website and we’ll call you back.

It’s just a few quick steps and you can get back to running your business, knowing that you’re covered with our specialized Business Insurance quotes.



1st for Business Women

If you own a retail store, coffee shop, hair salon, flower shop or something similar, then our 1st for Business Women Insurance is ideal for you. Your business involves dealing directly with the public, which comes with a unique set of risks that you need protection from. We’ll cover you for loss or damage to your business premises, loss of income, public liability, and more. Whether it’s your ceiling that unexpectedly collapses in or a client who slips and breaks their leg in your shop, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered for any financial costs that come with the incident.

1st for Professional Women

Our 1st for Professional Women Business Insurance is for women who run a business that requires them to be members of a registered professional body, such as a lawyer, accountant, engineer, or consultant. Our Professional Business Insurance quotes include cover for your business premises and equipment, computers and licenced software, and portable items you take on the road with you, like your laptop.

1st for Executive Women

We know you’re highly capable, but we also understand that holding an executive position in a business places you at immense risk. When something goes wrong, you’re the one responsible no matter what. That’s a lot to carry on your shoulders. Which is why we offer specialised 1st for Executive Women Business Insurance, designed to protect and cover you from the many perils you may face which jeopardise your personal life and professional career.

Professional Indemnity

If your business offers professional advice and services, it’s important to have a Business Insurance partner that understands the unique risks you face. We offer Professional Indemnity Insurance that protects you in case you make a mistake that could lead to disastrous consequences. Should you run into legal trouble through your business-related advice or services, we’ll give you access to professional legal advice and litigation services with experienced attorneys.

Directors and Officers

As a director or officer, you’ll know that your professional reputation is everything. You face unique risks that only an experienced insurance partner can understand. If you make an innocent error in judgement or a decision that leads to financial or reputational loss for your company while serving as an officer or director, we’ve got your legal liability covered.

Business Assist

Women are powerful business owners and we recognise their unique potential as entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer Business Assist with every 1st for Women Business Insurance quote. This service gives you access to a range of benefits including office assist, safe drive, professional financial advice, debt collections, emergency medical assistance, and more.

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