Business Insurance

Our Business Insurance caters for the demanding schedules of all South African businesswomen. Our product offerings include our 1st for Women in Practice, Business Women, Executive Women, and Professional Women:

1st for Business Women

This product has been designed for women who own a florist, hairdressing or beauty salon, book shop, coffee shop, a retail outlet or a garden service.

1st for Professional Women

If you own a law, accountancy, auditing, brokerage or consultancy firm, this product has been specially tailored for you.

1st for Women in Practice

This product is best suited to doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, veterinary surgeons and psychiatrists.

1st for Executive Women

This product has been designed for women who own a travel or an estate agency, a general office, training centre, or internet cafe.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can choose the following types of fab cover:

Business interruption: You may claim if you lose turnover/sales/revenue/income as a result of loss of or damage to your business property.

Buildings combined: You may claim for loss of or damage to the physical structure of your business building and its outbuildings.

Office contents: We cover the office contents you keep within your business premises, such as your business books of account, manuscripts, written records, maps, plans, drawings, deeds, wills, and more.

Fidelity Guarantee: This is for business losses suffered due to fraud by employees.

Electronic equipment: Damage to your computers and licensed software of your business is covered.

Business All Risk: Cover for business items that are regularly taken away from your insured premises.

To register and receive fabulous benefits with the 1st for Women Biz Assist offering, click here.

Errors and Omissions

Errors and Omissions Insurance is a tailor-made policy that targets key risks for small to medium sized businesses that offer advice or a service. It’s a safety net for when things go wrong; a buffer to protect you and your business’s reputation and survival.

If you offer your customers advice or a service, please refer to the Errors & Omissions Product Brochure or contact 0860 10 44 35

Directors and Officers

Even the most prudent corporate leader with the best intentions can make a flawed business decision, and the director or officer who makes such a decision could be held personally responsible for the consequences of their oversight.

If a shareholder of a company sues the Board of Directors or Officers for mismanagement or negligence, the directors and officers can be held personally responsible. This means that their personal assets – their house, car, bank account – could be at risk.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance from 1st for Women Business Insurance has been designed to indemnify directors and officers against claims that they are legally liable for as a result of an error in judgement.

If you are a director or officer of a company, please refer to the Directors and Officers product brochure.


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