Reliable and affordable Third-Party, Fire and Theft Insurance

What is Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance?

This plan covers you for theft and fire damage to your car, and third-party damage you may cause in an accident.

You also have the option to upgrade your 3rd Party, Fire, and Theft Car Insurance to include:

  • The sound system

  • The windscreen

  • The canopy

  • Vehicle hire (Theft related claims)

Even though you’re not covered for accidental damage to your car, you’re still insured for a range of risks that you could face at any time on the road.

About Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance benefits

Our Car Insurance and the associated benefits are specifically designed for women, helping you when you need it most and keeping you and your loved ones safe. With Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance, we automatically include all of the following assist benefits:

Guardian Angel on Call
When you’re with 1st for Women, you carry around your very own guardian angel wherever you go. Our Guardian Angel on Call comes with 24/7 accident and roadside assistance through the 1st for Women App. With the new 1st for Women panic button – help is available to you 24/7. 

Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance
Our Lifestyle Assistance benefits have been specifically designed to help you in difficult situations and make your life easier and more convenient. 

Assist Benefits

Road Assist
Specifically designed to ease your worries when you’re stranded at the side of the road. Our Guardian Angel will bring you fuel, change a flat tyre, unlock your car if you locked your keys inside, and even wait with you while additional help arrives so you feel safe.

Home Assist 
A home emergency shouldn’t turn into a crisis. Our Guardian Angel will arrange for an emergency plumber, electrician, glazier, or locksmith to get to your place in no time, and cover the cost of the call-out plus one hour’s labour.

Medical Assist 
Our emergency medical assist provider’s contact number will appear on your app and you will be asked to make the phone call to their contact centre. A trained and qualified emergency medical agent will answer your call and assist you. They will assess the situation and will dispatch EMS to assist you if necessary.

Third Party Fire & Theft: Frequently Asked Questions
Is Third Party, Fire and Theft worth it?

This depends on your unique circumstances, because Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover isn’t right for everyone. Here’s a quick checklist to determine if you need this type of car insurance:

  • Your car has a low retail, market, or trade value.

  • Your car doesn’t cost a lot to repair.

  • Your car is fairly old.

If you can identify with all of these considerations then Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover could be right for you. That’s because repairing the damage to your own car in an accident is affordable. Or you don’t mind waiting and saving up to repair it (as long as it’s still roadworthy, of course).

What’s covered by third party, fire and theft insurance?

Third party fire and theft will cover the cost of damage or loss to another vehicle in the event of car accident or collision that you caused. It also covers one’s own vehicle for theft or hijacking and the damage caused by fire.

What’s not covered by third party fire and theft?

3rd Party, Fire and Theft Insurance is a fairly extensive type of insurance. However, it does not cover you for accident damage your own car regardless of whether an accident was your fault or not. You’ll have to foot the bill yourself if you need to repair or replace your vehicle.

Aside from this, 3rd Party, Fire and Theft Insurance won’t cover you for illegal behaviours, like drunk driving, driving with an endorsed licence.

What’s the difference between third party, fire and theft, and comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance offers the widest type of protection, covering policyholders for third party damage, as well as the cost to one’s own vehicle in the event of a car accident or collision. It also covers one for theft and damage from fire and other elements. Third Party, Fire and Theft offers less cover as it only covers third party property damage, if the insured vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.

We’re proud to be rated an excellent 9.2*/10 for service excellence.

*Based on customer feedback from internal surveys following service interactions.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance Quote

Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance Quote

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