Let your inherent confidence shine

Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Have you noticed that when you make a small mistake, you’re quick to admonish yourself for it, but when you have a win, you often don’t make as big a deal of it? Don’t you think that’s strange? Women often don’t take the credit for what they do for themselves and those around them, and if you don’t give yourself the credit you deserve, you’re doing yourself a disservice in so many ways.

By failing to recognise the value you add to your world, you may be holding yourself back from opportunities. If you don’t appreciate your value, you are less likely to feel motivated and confident in your ability and therefore less likely to take advantage of opportunities that come your way so that you can lead the life you want to.

Teresa Amabile from The Harvard Business School analysed 12 000 diary entries from 238 employees across seven companies, and discovered something interesting: tracking people’s motivation is the key to boosting confidence and achieving future success.

The reason for this is because accomplishing something releases dopamine in our brains, which makes us feel good. And this leads us to seek out that reward again so we get the same feeling. This counts even if the achievement is small, meaning that even the little victories can lead to great success.

Take a moment to reflect on who you are and what it is that you’ve done. You may be surprised to find that you are so much more than you think you are and have done so much more than you thought you could. So what is holding you back? You have this inherent, strength, resolve and power to do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

Start by recognising your value and then put the steps in place, no matter how small they may be, so that the little wins turn into the life changing results. But, and this is a big caveat, that doesn’t mean that we should always be striving to do and be more.

Women are adopting a new normal that is less about fulfilling external expectations of perfection and more about making it work on their own terms, and this is unique to each woman out there. We want women to have the confidence to embrace this. At 1st for Women, we’d like to start off by letting you know just how amazing you are for just being you.

And while you are thinking about what other steps you need to take, we’d like to join you on your journey and provide you with some of the support you may need to get there, through:

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