When Women Work Together Amazing Things Happen
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When women work together, amazing things happen

Relationship Blogs September 9, 2016

By First For Women

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’. That is a well-known quote from Helen Keller which she voiced on numerous occasions during many of her stage performances in the mid-1940s, yet this adage still rings true in modern times.

In today’s world, everyone seems to be too busy and too under pressure to help the next person. As much as we need to focus on building our ideal lives and creating the best futures for ourselves, we need to keep in mind that when women work together towards a common goal, so much greatness can be achieved.

Here are just two examples of incredible women who paired up to reach their goals and aspirations.

Building a cake empire - it’s a sibling thing

Many of us have age-old family recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation, like that incredible apple tart your grandmother taught your mother to make, or that mouth-watering chocolate ganache cake your aunt always makes for the festive season. Few of us take these recipes and turn them into successful ventures, but that’s exactly what Nokuthula Ramputa and her sister Thokozile Mahlangu did.

Thokozile studied hotel management and Nokuthula studied culinary art. The duo then took their qualifications and merged them with their joint love for baking and cooking, and set off on a journey of persistence, determination and most importantly, team work by opening a cake shop with their mother’s support. Their future goals are to set up shop in all 9 provinces in SA and open a baking school.

The most prominent lesson we can learn from this sister couple is working together towards a common goal often makes the journey easier and the rewards much, much sweeter.

The mompreneurship journey - from sisters to partners

Sisters Bayanda and Buhle were both pregnant with baby girls in late 2014 when they went out shopping for baby clothes and realized that there were not enough gender-neutral clothes. That’s what inspired them to start an online children’s clothing store where they create gender-neutral clothing for kids.

Having now committed to their business fulltime and are following their joint dream, the ladies are finding that it is easier to overcome challenges and reach for their goals when they work together and offer support to each other, a lesson that can be applied to many women’s lives.The duo has big plans for their business – they plan on expanding the brand by bringing in other aspects, such as children’s decor.

These real life examples of sisters working together towards common goals and supporting one another along the way is enough proof that when women work together to achieve their dreams, anything is possible.

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