What Happens When 10 000 Women Unite To Giveabusetheboot
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What happens when 10 000 women unite to #GiveAbuseTheBoot

Lifestyle Blog February 20, 2018

By First For Women

The strength to save lives and change the world lies in the sheer amount of people who unite. At this year’s Sisters with Blisters event, we’re not only celebrating women, but we’re taking the first steps, together, towards a better life for all women.

Why do we walk together against woman abuse?

Walking symbolises many things. It signifies taking steps, leaving something behind and moving forward – even when there are obstacles in the way. By walking with thousands of other women, we represent unity, confidence and inner strength. When you walk, and you are joined by others to support you, your resolve and your spirit are strengthened. The walk also represents the people you meet along your journey.

In addition to uniting for a great cause, Sisters with Blisters is also a great opportunity to slow down the fast pace of life with some stress relief. Here are some of the many benefits of walking:

  • It can improve your heart health
  • It helps to reduce joint pains
  • It improves your mental attitude and reduces stress
  • Regular walks can help you manage your weight
  • It helps to manage high blood pressure
  • It strengthens your bones
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It helps you to sleep better

Join forces at the 12th annual 1st for Women Sisters with Blisters walk with JacarandaFM and East Coast Radio, and let’s get ready to #GiveAbuseTheBoot, together. The events take place on 10 March 2018 at St Stithians College in Johannesburg and 3 March 2018 at Chris Saunders Park in Durban. Both walks start at 8am and the route is only 5km. Tickets cost R110 for Johannesburg and R90 for Durban.  Enter now at http://www.sisterswithblisters.co.za/

Prevention, preparation, provision

Putting an end to women abuse starts with addressing its causes. We want to equip women to respond to abuse and sexual violence. We also want to support women who are in or who have left an abusive relationship. If you’re in an environment that’s hurting you, we want to tell you that you have the strength to take the first step and walk away. You have the strength to finish something. And, you never know what your first step can mean to the next woman.

If one woman can take a stand, imagine what 10 000 can do? It all starts with the first step. To take action and unite with For Women in the fight against women abuse, go to www.for-women.co.za.

Source (benefits of walking): https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/mindandbody/50-amazing-benefits-of-walking-daily/ss-BBzPo9Q#image=38

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