Be The Change All The Inspiration You Need To Start Improving Your Life
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Be The Change – all the inspiration you need to start improving your life

Lifestyle Blog June 20, 2024

By First For Women

Improving the quality of your life might be overwhelming when you think of all the things you’d like to change, however it needn’t be. As the old saying goes, “the longest journey begins with a single step” – and just a few small changes every day can help boost your well-being and make your days more meaningful. 

We’ve come up with some very small things you can do easily and quickly, and which, when added together can make a meaningful change in your life.  All the inspiration you need to live better, is right here… And you can start today.

  1. Drink more water: Everybody knows the value of hydration, you’ll have more energy, your kidneys will function better, and your skin will thank you. Find a bottle, carry it round in your handbag. If you have it, you’ll drink it.
  2. Recycle: The feel-good factor here is huge, you’re saving the planet with your one small step.
  3. Spring-clean just one shelf or a cupboard at a time: Putting your home or workspace in order is amazingly revitalising. You don’t have to devote a day to the task.  Just a few minutes here or there while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, and you’ll be amazed at how much you get through after a while.  Order is calming and you’ll soon be able to find the things you need when you need them.  If you donate the stuff you no longer need to a good cause, you’ll feel even better…
  4. Limit your screen time: Read a book instead, preferably a paper one. Studies show that people who spend less time on social media like Facebook or Instagram – are happier1. It’s also been proven that looking at your phone before you sleep can impact negatively on the quality of that sleep2.
  5. Get up 20 minutes earlier: It sounds counter-intuitive, but having a little me-time before the mad rush of the day starts can leave you more ready to face the world. Spend the extra time in the garden with a cup of coffee, or just breathe, or meditate.
  6. Tell the people you love that you love them, regularly: They’ll tell you back – and we all need to know how important we are to the people that matter
  7. Say ‘No’ more: Even if it’s just to one thing you would usually say ‘yes’ to.  We’re programmed not to want to let people down, but when we take on too much for that reason, we’re letting ourselves down.  You’ll be surprised how willing people are to accept the ‘no’ – they don’t want to overtax you, really.
  8. Keep a calendar somewhere prominent: It’s all very well to have an electronic diary but if you transcribe your weekly activities onto a tangible one, it helps you keep track. And there’s so much satisfaction in crossing things out!
  9. Do something for yourself, however small – once a week. Take a walk on the beach, take a pottery or pilates class, go to a movie alone, even just take the time to dry your hair properly. Giving yourself permission to have even a little space just for yourself can be so relieving and so energising.
  10. Find a charity you believe in, and support them: Doing good makes us feel good.  You don’t have to donate cash – share info about your cause on Facebook or by talking to people, support a fair or raffle they might be holding, donate stuff you’re no longer using to them. There are so many ways to help, in any small way you can.
  11. Deal with each email as it comes in: If you’re not going to read it, delete it right away. If you are, read it then and there. Create a filing system in your inbox, where you can keep the things you need to, and then trash things you don’t need – having a backlog to go through is always daunting and makes you feel like you’ll never get on top of things.
  12. Ask for help: No-one is an island. You may not realise how many people are willing to help you until you ask. Ask a friend to lift your child, ask a family member to babysit, ask your spouse to do the dishes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, asking for the help you need – and getting it – can really lift the burden.

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