Meet The Fearless Samantha Stewart
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Meet the fearless Samantha Stewart

Lifestyle Blog July 24, 2020

By First For Women

Samantha Stewart (Galliet) looked fear dead in the eye and gave it one massive wink. 16 years ago, at age 29, she was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive strain of breast cancer (Her2) and almost didn’t receive the life-saving treatment she needed.

But Sam refused to take ‘no’ for an answer and fought to get approval for the break-through therapy. Sam’s story made news headlines and her tenacity and resilience paid off, when the treatment was finally approved, not just for her but for thousands of other women facing the same fate.

With all the odds stacked against her – the 7% chance of survival, the fight for her treatment and surviving an abusive marriage, she remained determined to stay alive – and live fearless.

Over the last 16 years, Sam has done tremendous work in the cancer community, advocating for those who need treatment, providing a pillar of support to survivors and their families and running the first South African advocacy NGO to attend the Live Strong Summit. She also met and married the love of her life and together they offer relationship counselling.

On a professional level, Sam has also designed an incredible resilience programme, including the many tools she has developed along her fearless journey. According to Sam: “If I can deal with myself successfully every day, I can deal with anything thrown at me.”

The lessons she’s learned through her life have inspired her to look inward. Her ability for self-introspection and mindful awareness are fundamental to her resilience tools, which she shares with generosity and love. “I just want to help people,” Sam says, “my intention is to empower women to be fearless.”

Sam was thrilled to be part of the 1st for Women Insurance fearless campaign, saying it couldn’t have come at a better time, a time in which there is a surge in divine feminine energy. Full of fun and wit, Sam is someone who says it as it is: “Thanks for being brave and having the balls to launch a campaign like this.”

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