Why you need a hobby

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

Hobbies. Remember those? Perhaps as a child you knitted, rode horses or played the piano. If researchers are to be believed then maybe it is time to dust off your knitting needles. Yes, according to the experts, hobbies give both your mental and physical health a much-needed boost. Find out more about why you need to supercharge your leisure time with a hobby.

Why hobby?
Stress is a given in today's fast-paced world. Hobbies are an antidote to stress, giving us the time we need to unwind and busy ourselves with something that uplifts and enriches us, something far removed from our everyday concerns and routines. Hobbies help us to maintain that essential work life balance, giving us the leisure time we deserve in a life regulated by our careers and home and family responsibilities.

Hobbies are about much more than just stress relief. They give us an opportunity to step away from the television and social media and use our free time productively and in a way that gives us true pleasure and satisfaction. Hobbies give us a sense of achievement, are an excellent creative outlet and give us a chance to put our talents to good use or even to discover new talents. For many people hobbies have turned into new careers, an opportunity to spend your working hours doing something you are truly passionate about. 

Which hobby? 
Experts recommend that you choose a hobby that challenges you mentally and involves learning new skills. A pastime that involves physical activity is also top of the list. Or, if you find it difficult to get out and meet new people, why not consider a hobby that involves spending time with people who share your passion?

My hobby?
Keen to start a hobby but don't know where to start? List your talents and skills and think about what you enjoy doing and what you are truly passionate about. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Music: take singing lessons or learn how to play a musical instrument
  • Gardening: transform your garden into a wonderland or grow your own vegetables
  • Arts and crafts: paint, draw, sculpt, make jewellery, sew or knit
  • Dance: from belly to ballroom, the list is endless
  • In the kitchen: take cooking classes or bake and decorate beautiful cakes
  • Writing: take a creative writing course and get writing or start your own blog
  • Outdoor: horse riding, mountain climbing or even adventure sports

The big picture 
Hobbies are just one piece of the puzzle. A truly balanced life is a healthy mix of work, me-time, time spent with family and friends and time spent looking after your number 1 asset, your body. Get the balance right and look forward to a long and healthy life. 

"I love my friends. I love my love-life. I love my hobbies. I love eating."
Rebecca De Mornay

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