Top 10 Wintery Lovelies

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

Winter is all about the boots, scarves, hot chocolate, crackling fires and chunky soups. That being said, we’re sympathetic to those who prefer the summer heat. In fact, that’s what motivated this post!

If you already have a deep love for wintery weather then you need no further persuasion, but for the summer kids out there, here’s a list of fabulous things that make winter cool (serendipitous pun)!

1. Woollen Treats
This one’s a double-whammy, as it not only involves the opportunity to wear wrap-around-three-times scarves, but you can also knit them yourself! The idea of wearing, much less creating chunky knitwear when it’s warm is preposterous, so that makes it a must-have AND must-do this winter.

2. Specialty Hot Chocolate
Belgian, French, Swiss, Italian, German… Put a new twist on hot chocolate this season! Add a slab or so of your favourite chocolate to a pot of hot milk (you can judge quantities – it’s all about the journey) and then stir until melted. If you want to shortcut this, try using your microwave – just remember to stir every now and then. Oh, and add a dollop of cream for a really rich experience!

3. Vintage Capes
Incorporate a dash of mystery to your winter look with a well-tailored vintage cape! Whether it’s fringed, woollen or velvet, the addition of fairy-tale elements making their way into your everyday wardrobe is a welcome treat. Are you summery folk coming round to the cold side yet?

4. The Grand Novels
Many an avid reader struggles in the heat, but during the winter months you can snuggle up on the couch, sip on some hot chocolate or creamy chai tea and drift off into another world. And speaking of drifting off – catching up on all the best reads allows you the perfect opportunity to snooze in between chapters, which is exactly what chilly Sunday afternoons are made for!

5. Oh, the Shopping!
A variety of richly coloured tights, grandpa cardigans, and knee-high boots – these are practically staples in many a wardrobe. With all the opportunities to layer, you can create quite the mood board of colours and textures. This is precisely the stuff that winter wardrobes allow for, and fashion, as per usual, doesn’t fail to deliver a multitude of to-die-for garments.

6. Comfort Food
Banish the salads, light fish dishes and sorbets, and bring on the meaty stews, creamy soups and steaming puddings! Don’t get us wrong, salads are delicious, but when the cold settles in there’s nothing better than butter running down a warm hunk of ciabatta bread – especially if it’s about to be dipped in mom’s famous butternut soup.

7. Red lipstick
Red lipstick… Ah what a journey that is. Finding the perfect shade for your skin tone and taste is not a once-off adventure, because with every season comes a need for a companionable red lipstick. That’s our reasoning for having seven different shades that occupy a little make up baggie all on their own. Winter is the perfect time to introduce a bold red to your repertoire, and trumps the lighter colours that are reserved for the warmer months.

8. Cuddly Pyjamas
Remember sweltering sleepless nights, lying there with the windows open and the fan (or AC) on full speed? Well now that winter’s here, you can look forward to cuddly pyjamas and poufy bedding that makes you feel little and dainty when encompassed by all the pillows and duvets. Waking up each morning and revelling in the warmth of your bed makes winter a true winner.

9. Jogging
Now we know that for many this will come as a shock – why would you ruin hot chocolate and comfort food weather with the thought of exercise? While we’re not experts in personal training, exercising in winter does have a few positives. Firstly, you can work out a little harder in order to warm up quicker. Secondly, you don’t pick up as much “winter wobble”. This means that come summer, there will be no need to go on any tasteless crash diets (which don’t work and are bad for you if you ask us).

10. Crackling fires
A toasty fire is just the ticket for movie nights and dinner soirees with close friends. A fireplace emits a pleasant glow that warms an entire room, which makes it a good reason to look forward to winter. This is definitely one Wintery Lovely that just cannot be appreciated in summer and perfectly ends off our Top Wintery Lovelies post!

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