Top 10 reasons to love being single!

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

Being single is a fabulous thing, even if every romcom that you see might suggest otherwise.

The trouble is that there comes along a moment during which you forget how much fun being single is… that’s when you need to remind yourself of a few reasons why having you all to yourself is awesome!

Here is a top 10 list that we found, which you’re more than welcome to add to.

1. High standards
When you’re single you start to realise how much you value your freedom and me-time, which makes it pretty hard for you to ‘settle’ for anything less than sheer perfection, right? That’s round about the time when you realise that it’s ok to have high standards and that you don’t have to date just any “Joe Shmo”.

2. Shaving is a choice!
This may not seem like a big deal, but when you think about it, shaving your legs can be a real sign of love. Especially when winter hits. Now you only have to shave when YOU want to. Hazzah!

3. Knowing yourself
Oscar Wilde once said, "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” How true! And if we’re honest here, you can’t really love yourself if you don’t know who you are – so take advantage of the time you have to really get to know who you are.

4. Social goddess alert!
There is so much free time to devote to making plans with different friends. There’s happy hour, coffee dates, dinner parties, pamper days, movies, checking out new bars, concerts... Your social calendar can be as full as you want – and the best part is that when you need to check out for some much-needed me-time, you’re at liberty to do so.

5. Freedom
Want to change careers? Move to Mexico? Take up bird watching? Go to China and become a Kung Fu expert? What about giving up that high-powered job and working in a bookshop in a rustic part of England? This is your time to do this. So go out there and pursue different passions and interests, connect with who you are, be as adventurous as you wish and see where your heart takes you.

6. It’s ok to be selfish
Singlehood allows you the type of freedom that isn’t the same when you are in a relationship. For instance you can choose exactly how many George Clooney movies you want to watch in one sitting, you don’t have to share that slab of chocolate stashed away for a peaceful moment, or compromise on how you want to spend your weekends… Enjoy!

7. The tinglies
The tinglies (as we’ve dubbed them) is a delicious feeling of anticipation. This feeling needs to be relished when you’re single. The amazing part is that you could experience the tinglies at any time, maybe when you turn the corner and bump into a stranger, or pop into your local café and almost spill your coffee on the guy at the counter…

8. Your money is yours
The fantastic thing is that your money is just that: yours. If you decide to choose shoes over groceries, well that’s just fine. You can decide which savings plans you want to use, which insurance is better for you, and which investments you want to explore.

9. “We need to talk”
These are hands down the four worst words to hear when you’re in a relationship, but when you’re single… well let’s just say that there’s nobody pointing out your flaws when you just don’t want to hear it.

10. Indulge
In my opinion, the definition of ‘indulge’ is to yield to an inclination or desire and being single certainly makes this a well-travelled road. It’s not just food, but also hobbies and favourite pastimes. Singlehood allows for a second slice of cake, an extra-long bubble bath, or what about turning left instead of right – just to find out what’s down the road..?

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