Spring clean your policies

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

Winter is over and spring-cleaning is the word on everyone's lips. Yes, we should probably all be following the example set by our mothers and washing and ironing our curtains. At the same time, however, we need to turn our attention to our finances and insurance policies. Do they need a spring clean as well? This is what you need to know about putting the shine back into your policies.

Car insurance
If you invested in a new sound system or canopy you might need to increase your cover amount. Another point to consider is the people who drive your car on a regular basis. If you are teaching a teenage child to drive, for example, you need to add them to you policy document. If that child is no longer driving your car then remove his/her name as you might be paying a little extra on your premium.

Remember to inform your insurer if you changed jobs and are now using your car for work purposes for driving to meetings, perhaps, or to make sales calls.  

Home contents and portable possessions insurance
Take stock of all your possessions. If you bought a new TV set or sound system then be sure to update your policy. The same applies if you upgraded your cellphone, invested in a new laptop or if you are sporting a new diamond ring!

It is also important to inform your insurer if you upgraded the security on your property as your premiums might decrease. At the same time it is essential to let them know if your electric fence no longer works or if your garage door no longer locks.

Buildings Insurance
If you renovated your home and added a new pool, an extra room or a new roof then contact your insurer. The same would apply to a new boundary wall or front gate.

Life insurance
You need to increase your cover amount if you recently had a child or tied the knot. You also need to review your list of beneficiaries regularly and remove or add names, for example in the case of a divorce, marriage, the birth of a baby etc.

Final word
Why spend the time updating your policies? An out-of-date policy might mean that you are under-insured and won't have the cover you need should you ever need to claim. So, when you are finished with those curtains, dust off your policies and get cracking!

If you are a 1st for Women policyholder and you would like to upgrade any of your policies please contact Client Services on 0860 21 21 43.


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