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Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

Every smoker knows all too well the joy of a cigarette, the joy of lighting up after a meal or with a glass of wine after a long day at work. At the same time they have heard every nightmare story there is about smoking, from the horrors of cancer to the 10 minutes they take off their life every time they light up. This is the tragedy of the smoker, trapped in a habit they know might kill them and yet unable or maybe unwilling to quit. If this sounds familiar and you are that smoker then you need help! With World No Tobacco Day on the 31 May we thought we would take a look at where smokers can go to get the help and support they need if they want to quit. 

Allen Carr's Easyway To Stop Smoking 
The Allen Carr Easyway method tackles the smoker's psychological addiction to smoking by logically and scientifically removing the smokers desire to smoke while they are still smoking. Once the desire to smoke has been removed (which is essentially the mental addiction), the fear of stopping disappears and the physical withdrawal becomes easy to manage. Allen Carr's Easyway method is endorsed by CANSA (The Cancer Association of South Africa).

Programme details 
Most smokers require 1 five-hour session with smoke breaks throughout.

Programme costs
R2400 per person or R480 for Discovery Vitality members. Includes a money back guarantee.  For more information go to or call the national booking line on 0861 100 200.

Smokenders is a behaviour modification programme that first teaches smokers to understand and control their habit and then to quit smoking completely.  At the same time, Smokenders teaches participants how to detox and overcome their nicotine addiction without resorting to substitutes or other drugs and without putting on weight. Everyone who teaches the programme has been a smoker and has quit on the course.

Programme details 
Seven weekly group meetings of around 2 hours each. Correspondence courses with weekly phone in sessions are also available. 

Programme costs 
R2500 per person or R500 for Discovery Vitality members. If you attend seven meetings and do not stop smoking you will be able to take the course again at no additional charge.  For more information go to or call 011 487 0231.  

The Quit Line
The Quit Line, operated by the National Council Against Smoking, provides callers with information, tips and advice on how to stop smoking. Intensive telephonic counselling is also provided to smokers who have quit and and need help dealing with withdrawal symptoms. The Quit Line helps smokers understand the importance of quitting as well as identify problem situations when they are most likely to crave cigarettes and find workable solutions for dealing with difficulties. 

Programme details
Telephonic support and information booklets are provided free of charge. Call them on 011 720 3145, Monday to Friday from 8am to 4.30pm (answering service available outside office hours).

A final note:
If you need just a little more motivation, here are some good reasons why you should quit today:

  • Smoking makes you age faster. No amount of money spent on expensive   face creams is going to be worth it if you continue to smoke.

  • Smoking makes your eyes, teeth & fingers yellow

  • Smoking pushes your medical aid & life insurance premiums up. 

  • Smoking adds to your stress levels. Have you ever seen a smoker worrying about her next cigarette?

  • Smoking in public has become such a difficult thing to do therefore becoming an inconvenience.

  • You miss out on the best tables in restaurants!


Allen Carr's Easyway To Stop Smoking
The Quit Line

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