Ladies, Manage Your Time Effectively

Posted on Friday, September 4, 2015

We all know the drill: time is precious and there just never seems to be enough of it. Between work, kids and making time for family, friends and yourself, life can be pretty chaotic.

In fact, research shows that more than two thirds of women feel that they don’t have enough hours in the day.

“Time management is a skill that we’re often not born with but really need to learn,” explains Robyn Farrell, managing director of 1st for Women Insurance Brokers, adding, “that skill can go a long way in making life less stressful and in creating more time for the things that matter.”

But, how do you do this?

Give Up Control 

There are various ways in which we can manage our time better. Firstly, ladies, let’s get real. The idea of the “superwoman” who can shuttle her kids up and down to extra-murals, do their homework with them, climb the corporate ladder, make sure her roots are done as well as be a domestic Goddess in the kitchen is so passé.

“The truth is that at various times in your life, you have to prioritise what’s most important to achieve for you right now. And this may change several times during your life,” affirms Farrell.

You need to make a list of what’s most important to you right now. Is it being with your kids in the afternoons? Is it making sure that your family is financially secure? If it’s both, then assign a certain number of hours to each of these priorities and see how you can make it work for you. If your boss cannot allow you the flexibility you need, then perhaps it’s time to start looking around for something else or taking the leap and starting your own business. Perhaps you need to focus on being healthy and fulfilled—how best can you achieve that? If you need to spend more time on friendships, then at the beginning of each week, make sure to assign an hour for lunch or dinner with one of your best friends-- and stick to it.

Cut The Weeds

Think of weeds as anything non-essential to creating a content and happy life. Weeds do not add value to your existence but they take up a lot of space in your garden. They may come in the form of toxic friendships that have run their course, negative relationships, chores and family obligations. You’d be surprised at how much time they actually suck up.

“It’s not saying that you can shun all family obligations, but be choosy about what you will and won’t do. There’s no point agreeing to see people who you don’t actually like or waste energy and time engaging in activities that don’t add value to your life,” says Farrell.

Get Help

There are a myriad of ways in which you can cut the time you spend on chores. The growth of the internet means that often very little extra charge, you can do things like order your groceries online, books travel plans and bank online. Those doctor’s appointments that you keep putting off, or having that broken window fixed can actually be done much more easily if you know where to get help.  

“We’ve created Concierge Assist and Entertainment Assist, lifestyle management services with busy women like you in mind,” says Farrell, adding, “Concierge Assist can help with arrangements such as booking a car service, flights, accommodation, events, entertainment car hire, tourist information, restaurant bookings, party venues, handymen, a dentist visit and much more. 

“Also, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to the rest of your family: grannies that can fetch from school and sometimes take to extra lessons. It’s okay not to be able to manage everything all the time and asking for help and support if you can is a valuable tool,” says Farrell.

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