How to be happy

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

How are you feeling today? Joyful or unhappy, upbeat or pessimistic? If you are dragging your way through yet another miserable day then here is the good news. Your happiness does not depend on where you live, how successful you are or how much money you have. The truth is that happiness is your birthright, no matter who or what you are. So how then do we claim the happiness and fulfilment that is ours? Find out right here.

Joy is all around you: Learn how to live in the moment and find joy in the simple things: the birds at dawn, strangers laughing on a street corner or the smile of somebody you love. Joy is all around you, learn how to reach out and make it yours.

Nothing makes me happier than: Make time to do something that you love and do it as often as possible! Whether it is getting out into nature or amateur photography, make your leisure time count and commit to doing the things that makes you happy.

For the love of friends and family: Treasure and nurture your relationships with friends and family. They bring joy and laughter into your life and give you much-needed support in difficult times.

Celebrate: Don't let birthdays and anniversaries go uncelebrated. Celebrations make people feel special and leave us with memories that money can't buy. Small achievements like positive feedback on a work assignment or a new contract should also be toasted. These are the things that make us rich in life.

Healthy body and mind: Love your body. You know the drill: eat well, exercise regularly and learn to manage stress. Love your mind? Recognise and banish negative thoughts. If you are a worrier and struggle to banish anxious thoughts consider yoga or even meditation.

Count your blessings: Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for. A gratitude list will enrich and uplift you and help you focus on the positive things in your life. Practice gratitude as often as you can, especially when you are feeling down.

Work it: Remember that happiness is a commitment. You will need to work hard to create the life that you want at work and at home. Live with purpose and work towards the goals that you set yourself every day.

Your Happiness Project
Make a decision to bring joy and happiness into your life today. Grab a pen and paper, find a quiet moment and work out what you need to start doing to living a happier life, one small step at a time. Remember that while happiness is your birthright you need to make a conscious effort every day to find joy and live a more fulfilled life.


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