The Role Of Public Liability Insurance In Event Planning
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The role of public liability insurance in event planning

Insurance April 30, 2024

By First For Women

Embracing the thrill of event-planning is your thing. And you do it well. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans can be derailed. With 1st For Women, you don't have to let uncertainties overshadow your celebration. Our tailored Events Liability Insurance offers a shield against unexpected incidents, ensuring your event is a resounding triumph.

1st For Women’s Events Liability Insurance doesn’t only shield event planners. Whether you have a business that’s going to host or sponsor an event, planning a large event or exhibition at an event, or even if you are a sub-contractor handling staging, lighting, décor, sound, or other elements at a party, 1st For Women has you covered.



Events Liability Insurance isn’t an unnecessary party favour you hand out to help your event look good. Under the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act of 2010 (SASREA), event organisers, venue providers, and sponsors bear financial responsibility for any liabilities stemming from the event. Regardless of blame, all involved parties are collectively and individually accountable for guest safety and well-being. Put simply, if you’re planning an event, you need Events Liability Insurance – even if it is a once-off. 1st For Women’s Events Liability Insurance protects you if you’re planning any of the following events:


  • Music festivals
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Sporting events
  • Food festivals
  • Charity events
  • Trade shows
  • Concerts
  • Community festivals



When you plan the event of the year, you want to do it with focus and determination, not with fear and regret. With 1st For Women’s Events Liability Insurance, you can rest assured that your event will be all party and no poopers. You'll be insured for third-party bodily injury or property damage (e.g. public liability) or caused by your products sold at your event.


Beyond these basics, you can add policy extensions to your policy to ensure you can keep the party going:


  1. Rented Property
  2. Collapse of temporary structures
  3. Wrongful  arrest or defamation
  4. Statutory Defence Costs
  5. Medical Emergency expenses



1st For Women’s Events Liability Insurance doesn’t only help you meet the legal requirements for your events; it also gives you the following business benefits:



With our Event Liability Insurance, you're covered for medical expenses, property hiccups, legal matters, and more that may arise during your event, helping you focus on creating magic without fretting about unexpected costs.



Clients adore your events, not just for the glamour, but because you're a pro. Having event liability insurance showcases your reliability. Clients feel assured knowing you're prepared for anything unexpected. That's a surefire way to secure more bookings.


Business Continuity and Growth

You want your events planning business to thrive – we get that. Event liability insurance ensures a minor hiccup won't derail your dreams. Keep the confetti flowing because growth becomes inevitable when your business is safeguarded.


Embrace fearless protection with 1st For Women's Events Liability Insurance. Our empowering coverage starts from as little as R250pm, ensuring affordability for all. Enjoy free R500 000 coverage on all extensions, with options ranging from R1 000 000 to R100 000 000 to suit your needs.


Our tailored policies offer flexibility with individual short-period coverage lasting from 1 day up to 6 weeks. With specialised liability cover for various events and an annual blanket policy for comprehensive protection, we provide peace of mind for every occasion. Plus, benefit from an extended reporting period of 30 days on short-term policies, ensuring you're covered long after the event ends.


Empower your event with 1st For Women Events Liability Insurance. Ensure protection and peace of mind by getting a quote today.


Get an Events Liability Quote With 1st For Women Today.

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