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September 15, 2023

By First For Women

JUDGEMENT can’t take my fearless

In March 2023, 1st for Women announced that it had appointed Anele Mdoda to be its ambassador of fearless. The partnership makes absolute sense – being fearless is a choice and Anele makes this choice every day. She invests in confidence over fear, and is unapologetic about making her voice heard. She does all this with authenticity, powered by passion and perseverance.


“It’s not that I have nothing to fear but rather, knowing that I have the power to change my narrative from one of fear, to one of fearlessness and living a life in which my fears don’t hold me back. It’s about action, despite the fear, and walking with freedom, strength and hope in the face of things unknown,” says Anele.


Anele says that harnessing the power of being fearless is an exercise in growth, resilience, and persistence and she has put coping mechanisms in place to ensure that when fear creeps in, she bounces back.


“The three things I do fearlessly are motherhood, my career and love. By removing the barriers to fearlessness - the fear of failure, the need to be perfect, not feeling good enough, the risk of judgement, overthinking things or feeling like I wouldn't be strong enough to cope if things didn’t go my way – I can bounce-back with optimism and confidence, and power through with true intention and purpose, motivated by something that’s more important than unrealistic expectations,” says Anele.


Anele wears her queen of radio crown with pride but says that there isn’t a single achievement that she takes for granted.


“My journey has not always been easy. In the rise and fall of opportunities and crises, there have been steep learning curves, deep detours of distraction and illuminating shards of wisdom. There have been occasions when others tripped me up, and there have been many times when I myself have taken missteps and lost my way but I continue to rise thanks to an inherent fearlessness.”


Anele believes that when you define yourself to and for yourself, the opinions of others will matter less. “Power is the change you want to see. Don’t get side-tracked – know that what you want and steer everything towards that, even when current conditions appear contrary to your vision. Despite the chaos that surrounds us, women have an indomitable strength to take action.”

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