You want to feel completely secure when it comes to your legal rights. That’s why we offer you a team of legal professionals to handle all your legal and contractual matters, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Who is covered?

This policy covers you and your legal/traditional spouse plus up to four dependent children. If you get married after the commencement of your policy, the date of marriage will be noted as your spouse’s commencement date.

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What is covered?

The Legal Cover policy offers four distinct benefits:

Basic Benefit

Mediation Benefit

Tax Benefit

Litigation Benefit

Choose affordable legal cover that best suits you.

Premiums are subject to annual review. The main member must be 18 years or older.

Access Plan
R49 p/m (Exclusively online)

Essential Plan
R99 p/m

Elite Plan
R199 p/m

Elite Plus Plan
R319 p/m

Frequently asked questions

What are my obligations?

How do I claim or report a new case?

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