Funeral Cover

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What is Funeral Cover Insurance?

We know that you think about the future and worry about what would happen to your family if you’re no longer around. With our Funeral cover in place, you won’t have sleepless nights because this cover gives the insured person cover for death as a result of accidental or natural causes. Repatriation services are also included in this cover.

Who is covered?

This cover will be available for individuals between the ages of 18 and 65. The following type of cover can be taken out:

  • Individual cover – this covers the main member only.
  • Family cover – this covers the main member and spouse plus one to five dependents up to the age of 21 (or up to 25 if they are registered full-time students).
  • Extension of cover for individual family members is also available at an additional premium payable.
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What is covered?

Natural and Accidental Death benefit


  • Death as a result of HIV/Aids-related illness is covered.
  • Claims will be settled in less than two working days if all documentation is received.

Repatriation Services benefit


  • In the event of the insured’s death, the next of kin may decide on the place of burial and the funeral home.
  • The mortal remains will then be sent to a branch of the chosen funeral home, closest to the cemetery.
  • This service is only offered if both the death and burial occur within the borders of South Africa.


Individual Cover –
Benefit Cover Options

R5 000
R10 000
R15 000
R20 000
R25 000
R30 000

(If additional member e.g. Domestic worker, parents etc. is added the individual cover band must be selected)


From R37pm

Policy Holder (Incl. Spouse)

Child 14-21

Child 6- 13

Child 0- 5


Disclosing of your age
The age of the assured life is considered to be material to the acceptance of this policy. Please note that any incorrect or incomplete information relating to the insured may result in the non-payment of a claim.
What are the waiting periods?
This period is a time in which no insurance cover is provided and monthly premiums are payable.
The following waiting periods apply:
  • Natural death on the funeral plan is six months and six paid premiums.
  • Death from accidental causes is covered from the time we receive your first premium.
  • If you have had existing cover which is active within 31 days of taking up this policy, only the remaining waiting period on your existing cover will apply. Should there be no remaining waiting period left on your existing cover, then no additional waiting period will be applied to this policy. Waiting periods will only be adjusted if you have cancelled or you are going to cancel your existing cover.
  • For your reduced waiting period to be deemed valid on this policy in the case of a claim, we need you to submit a copy of your most recent policy schedule from your previous insurer for assessment and confirmation. This will be stored against your policy record.

Refer to Terms and Conditions for a full list of exclusions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is excluded from my cover?

Do I qualify for cover?

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What documentation must be submitted when I claim?

Is there a 24-hour service for repatriation?

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