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As a dynamic woman, you’re used to playing many roles in your life. Between working hard to support your family, being everyone’s shoulder to lean on, making sure the kids’ homework gets done, and being an all-around amazing woman, you are simply irreplaceable to your loved ones. So, if the unthinkable were to happen to you, do you know how your family would get by without you? 

While we could never replace the love, care and support that you provide for your family, we can provide your loved ones with Life Insurance that will support them financially. A policy that will help see them through the tough financial times when you’re no longer around. Our 1st for Women Pure Life Cover is specifically designed for women. Giving you the peace of mind that your family will be looked after financially when you’re gone.


What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is there to provide financial protection to your loved ones in the event of your death. The beneficiaries listed on your policy will receive a lump-sum payment, which they can then use to continue living their lives as they were before your death.

These types of policies are there to compensate for the inevitable financial costs that come with the loss of life. Your beneficiaries are able to use the lump sum pay out to cover anything from daily expenses to school fees, monthly levies or outstanding medical bills. It helps reduce the added financial pressure that may come after a death. Allowing your loved ones to spend time grieving without the extra financial stress on their shoulders.

You can take a Life insurance policy out at any age. Though, the younger and healthier you are, the more cost-effective your Life Insurance premiums will be. Unlike other investments, you can think of Life Insurance as a risk management tool. It’s there for your loved ones to fall back on, should the unfortunate happen.


Who needs Life Insurance?

We understand that many women probably don’t think that they need to take out a life policy. We get it, not all women have dependents relying on them financially. But, if you do have anyone relying on you financially - whether it’s your spouse, children, siblings, or parents - then it’s a good idea to get a Life Insurance policy. This is also true if you own a business and your employees or business partners are reliant on your income.

While it doesn’t help with the grieving process, it does help lessen the financial burdens that may come. It also provides peace of mind for the policy holder, knowing that they won’t leave their loved ones behind without financial security.

Life Insurance is important not only for the breadwinner of a single-income household, but also for the stay-at-home spouse.


Pure Life Cover from 1st for Women

Our Pure Life Cover allows you to add up to 10 beneficiaries onto your policy. This can include your spouse, your children, your parents and any other dependents that rely on you financially. 

We also understand that, as a modern woman, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Which is why we’ve made sure to take out all lengthy paperwork. And should your life circumstances change, like getting married or having another child, you can easily adjust your cover amount on your Pure Life Cover policy to cater for your new needs.

We also know that not all women are the same. We have different needs, lifestyles and responsibilities. Which is why we have different options of our Pure Life Cover.

Depending on your needs and personal circumstances, you can get a Pure Life Insurance quote for either our 1st for Women Basic Life Insurance or our 1st for Women Elevated Life Insurance plans.

You can also add extra cover to your Pure Life Cover policy, like All Women Dread Disease Cover, standard Dread Disease Cover and Disablement Cover. And, if you claim on any of these, it won’t affect your Life Policy cover amount.


1st for Women Basic Life Insurance 

With this policy, you’re covered for the whole of your life, with no waiting periods for accidental death. Your beneficiaries will receive a payout of up to R200,000 if you pass away. 

If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, we’ll pay out your entire cover amount to you directly, so you can use your remaining time to look after yourself and your family in whichever way you choose, such as by covering medical expenses, paying for school fees, or settling debt. We want you to feel supported during this time.


1st for Women Elevated Life Insurance 

Our Elevated Life Insurance provides the same benefits as the Basic plan, but your beneficiaries will receive a payout of between R200,000 and R10 million depending on your specific policy and cover amount. 


Pure Life Insurance benefits 

With 1st for Women’s Pure Life Insurance, we want you to feel confident that no matter how you pass away, your family will receive a payout. That’s why we cover you immediately for natural and accidental death, as well as suicide after the first two years of your policy.

We also don’t ask you to go through lengthy medical exams before we’ll give you cover because we know how busy you are. All you need to do is take an HIV test. 

And because we know that, as a woman, you care for so many people, you can add up to 10 beneficiaries to your policy, ensuring that your immediate and extended family will be well taken care of when you’re no longer around to look after them.


What extra cover can you add to your policy?

You can add extra cover to your Pure Life Cover policy with All Woman Dread Disease Cover, which is specifically designed for women, standard Dread Disease Cover, and Disablement Cover, so you can continue to support yourself and your loved ones if you can no longer work. Each of these add-ons are specifically designed with women in mind.

And, if you claim on any of these, it won’t affect your Pure Life Cover policy amount. 

  • All Woman Dread Disease Cover covers you and your children for a wide range of woman-related and childhood cancers, so even if the unthinkable happens, your family will be looked after.

  • Dread Disease Cover covers you if you’re diagnosed with a severe illness such as cancer, are undergoing a major heart operation, or need an organ transplant. Our Dread Disease Cover will pay you out a lump sum to help you cope with the financial burden.

  • Disablement Cover covers you should you become disabled and can no longer work. 


Pure Life Insurance quote online

We know the safety and wellbeing of your family come first, always. That’s why our Pure Life Insurance is specifically designed for women – to ease your mind, knowing that no matter what might happen to you, your family will be able to bear the financial burden when you’re no longer around to support them. Get a 1st for Women Pure Life Insurance quote online or call us on 0860 10 97 59 to find out how much cover you qualify for.

Terms and conditions apply. Long-term insurance products are underwritten by 1Life Insurance Limited, an authorised financial services provider (FSP24769).

Life Insurance Benefits

  • Get up to R10 000 000 life cover
  • Add up to 10 beneficiaries
  • Cover won’t expire 

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