Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance protects all of those precious items in your home that you’ve worked hard for against theft, loss and damage.

By taking out a Home Contents Insurance policy with us, you’ll be covering your household contents, up to the limit stated on your schedule, against:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, and/or earthquake.
  • Burst water pipes.
  • Storms and floods.
  • Damage to your home and outbuildings by animals, vehicles and falling trees (but not while they are being felled).
  • Aircraft or objects falling from them.
  • Malicious or intentional damage.
  • Break-in or theft where we can see the damage caused by the break-in.
  • Subsidence (sinking) of land and landslips.
  • Food that spoils in your fridge during a power outage.
  • Washing stolen from the line and garden furniture stolen from your garden.
  • Your guests’ belongings that are stolen from your home.
  • Money stolen from your home (provided there is evidence of a break-in).
  • Locks and keys damaged during a break-in.
  • Medical expenses for an injury caused by your pet or a defect in your building.
  • Veterinary expenses for your household pet.

Note that your garages, outbuildings, swimming pool, walls and gates are all covered by Buildings Insurance.

An easy way to determine what you should cover under your Home Contents Insurance policy is to imagine taking the roof off your home and turning it upside down; everything that falls out constitutes your home contents.

You will then need to consider what it would cost to replace all these items at today’s values – that is how much you should insure your home contents for.

We also offer our fabulous Home Assist benefit because we believe that emergencies at home don’t need to turn into nightmares. With Home Assist, we’ll cover the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for the services of plumbers, electricians, glaziers and locksmiths. You’ll also have full access to a comprehensive database where referrals are given for builders, carpet specialists, painters, garden services and fire damage repairers.

Click here to see what benefits are automatically included when you take out Home Contents Insurance from 1st for Women.


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