Your home is one of the most valuable things you’ll ever own, and you work hard to maintain it. That’s why insuring your house is so important – as is choosing the right insurance company to do it.

Insurers each offer their own unique cover, but there are some things that your buildings Insurance should cover no matter what. Here are the basics of what you want to look for the next time you’re getting quotes to insure your house.

Natural occurrences

Whether a natural disaster, like an earthquake, or an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence, like heavy rains, you should be covered for a range of natural events because you can’t always predict or prevent them. This includes fires, lightning, explosions, storms, and floods. 

Power surges

Considering the country’s unreliable power supply, it’s vital that all homeowners in South Africa are insured for power surges. There’s a good chance that an expensive appliance will one day be damaged due to a power surge or dip, so this cover should come standard on any policy when insuring your home.

Theft and break-ins

No matter if your home is in a complex, estate, or is freestanding, you may be vulnerable to theft. If someone breaks into your house, your home contents cover should provide cover if your building, gate, or other insured fixture is damaged during the crime.

Malicious damage

We know it’s distressing, but sometimes others may cause intentional or malicious damage to your house. While it’s unpleasant to think about, it could happen to your precious home. Make sure your policy states that you’ll be covered for repairs or replacement costs for intentional damage to your property.

Third-party liability

In South Africa, you can be held legally liable for what happens to people who visit your home. Should the belongings of someone else get damaged or destroyed in your home, or if someone is accidentally injured or dies on your property, you could face legal action? When insuring your house, make sure you get third-party liability cover, because the legal costs and subsequent damages you might pay could cripple you financially. Remember to check that you have liability cover for your domestic employees too should they become injured at your house.

Water-heating systems

Geysers, solar panels, and boilers are expensive to replace. While they are designed to last for many years, they are going to pack up one day. When they do, you’ll want your insurer to help cover the cost to repair or replace them. Some insurers require you to specifically state you’d like this cover in your policy, so keep that in mind when insuring your house.

Rent to stay elsewhere

No one likes to think about it, but imagine if your home caught fire or the roof collapsed. If you need to find short-term accommodation while you’re waiting for repairs to be completed, do you know how you’d pay the rent for your temporary home? A good buildings insurance policy will pay a portion towards your stay away from home.

Fire brigade charges

You might not know it, but municipal emergency services can charge you for calling the fire brigade to your house. Depending on the nature of the fire and how long it takes to put it out, it can cost you thousands of rands. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for these expenses after such a devastating event.

Quotes for insuring your house

Did you know that 1st for Women offers cover for every one of these eventualities? Get an insurance quote to insure your house with insurance specifically designed for women online or call us on0861 11 16 67 to speak to a consultant.

Home Contents Insurance Benefits

  • Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance
  • Veterinary expenses for household pets
  • Covers damaged locks/keys due to break-ins


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