First for Women Insurance Company Limited (“1st for Women”) licensed non-life insurer and financial services provider licensed in terms of the Short-term Insurance Act, 53 of 1998 (“STI Act”) and Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 37 of 2002 (“FAIS Act”) respectively.

1st for Women is also a Direct Marketer which means that 1st for Women provides the predominant part of its financial services concerned in the form of direct marketing.

1st for Women will on a continuous basis be in a position to market and advertise its product offerings to the general public and will endeavour to at all times comply to, including but not limited to, the following legislation, applicable codes of conduct and /or principles:

1. the STI Act;
2. the FAIS Act;
3. the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) outcomes;
4. the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa’s Advertising Code of Practice;
5. the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association’s Code of Conduct; and
6. the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

Compliance to legislation:

1st for Women has implemented measures to ensure compliance and will strive to at all times:

1. Ensure that a reference to the fact that 1st for Women is an authorised financial services provider is contained in 1st for Women websites, advertisements and promotional material;
2. Ensure that a copy of the licence is at all times immediately or within a reasonable time available for production to any person requesting proof of licensed status under authority of a law;
3. Render financial services honestly, fairly, with due skill, care and diligence, and in the interests of clients and the integrity of the financial services industry; and
4. Consult the 1st for Women Compliance Department on any and / or all marketing material and initiatives.

Marketing Content:

1. 1st for Women will strive to ensure that representations made, and information provided to the public will at all times:

   1.1. Be factually correct;

   1.2. Be provided in plain language so as to avoid uncertainty or confusion and not to be      misleading;

1.3. Not contain any statement, promise, claim or forecast which is fraudulent, untrue or misleading; and

   1.4. Not be offensive or derogatory in nature.

2. Savings messages will be based on and supported by clearly stated basic assumptions and / or independent research that is not older than 1 year.

 2.1. Savings messages are based on independent research conducted during   2021 by       Kaufman Levin Associates (Pty) Ltd.

2.3 The average savings amount of R445 per month is based on research for individuals who made a positive saving for a car insurance policy only.

2.4 4 out of 5 women made a positive saving when switching to 1st for Women. Savings values provided at an overall level.

2.5 84% of women make a positive saving when switching to 1st for Women.

2.6 Women saved up to R566 per month on car insurance when switching to 1st for Women. 

2.7 Women saved up to R824 per month when combining car and Home insurance when switching to 1st for Women.

3. Advertising messages based upon specific risk profiles will disclose that claims are Risk Profile Dependent and 1st for Women will further be able to substantiate, upon request, what such messages were based upon.

4. Where specific Terms and Conditions other than the general terms and conditions are applicable inform the client of such terms and conditions as well as where a copy of same can be requested.

Queries / complaints:

Should there be any queries or complaints regarding any form of advertising by First for Women Insurance Company Limited, please contact us on the numbers provided below:

Queries / Complaints: 0860 10 97 59

Compliance: [email protected]


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