#EssentialSaver Campaign

1st for Women will be giving away 5 x R5 000 grocery vouchers to potential clients who supply their personal details for an obligation-free quote.

The promoter of the competition is First for Women Insurance Company Limited, herein alter referred to as “1st for Women” (Registration number:1998/004804/0ó), an authorised financial services provider (FSP: 15261), whose registered office is at Auto & General Park, 1 Telesure Lane, Riverglen, Dainfern, 2191.


  1.The campaign will run until 1 August 2020 from the start date and can be paused or stopped at any time without notice.



1.1.1   the competition is open to the non-existing 1*t (or Women members o( the public as it will run on 1st for Women’s website and social media pages. In addition, it will run as a paid advertising campaign on social media.

1.1.2   Only referrals submitted via the online 1st for Women portal will qualify.


2.   The competition is not open to-

2.1    directors, members, partners, agents, employees or consultants of 1st for Women and/ or any of their associated or affiliated companies and/ or agencies or any supplier of goods or services in connection with a competition; and

2.2   the spouse, life partner, business partner or associate, or the natural or adopted parent, child or sibling, of any person specified in the above.


3.  Enter through logging into the 1st for Women portal, clicking on the #EssentiaISaver campaign page and completing and submitting the information required


4.  the entrant may only enter once


5.  The prize for supplying information for an obligation-free quote is a R5 000 grocery shopping voucher. The promoter will be giving away 5 x R5 000 grocery shopping vouchers in total.


6. Provide your valid personal details as required in the entry form.

7.  The voucher/s can only be redeemed at XXXXX stores.

8.  An entry will only be considered valid if it has been made through the correct channels i.e. the quote is requested through the 1 st for Women online portal from which our call centre contacted the individual being referred or via any other 1 st for Women specified channel of communication.

9.  The prize is not transferable or exchangeable for cash.

10.  1st for Women may require you to provide us with such additional information and documentation as we may reasonably require in order to process, confirm and facilitate your acceptance and/or use of a prize. If you refuse to provide us with the requested information or documentation, you will forfeit the prize.


11.  1st for Women will make the necessary arrangements for the delivery of the prize and duly inform the winner via SMS. The prize will be sent in the form of a voucher to the cell phone number of the referrer.

12.1.  the voucher will contain a CVV code and a voucher number to be used at a XXXX till point.


13.  Winners will be notified via SMS in the event of a successful entry.


14.  All communication will be done through an automated SMS that will be sent to the contact number of the entrant. Therefore, should the SMS not be delivered due to technical difficulties or the entrant changing their cell phone number, 1st for Women will not be held liable.


15.  You may not win a prize if it is unlawful for 1st for Women to supply such a prize to you. If you do win such a prize, you will forfeit it.

16.  If you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions, then without prejudice to any other remedy which 1st for Women may have, you will be automatically disqualified, and you will forfeit the prize/s (in the event that you have already won a prize).


17.  Your entry into the competition and/or your acceptance of a prize (in the event that you win a prize) constitutes your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions.

18.  If you use a mobile phone for entry into the competition, the telephone calls / text  messages/ data usage will be charged at the prevailing rates, which may vary from time to time. "Free" minutes under a cell-phone contract do not apply.

19.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your entry is received by 1st for Women prior to the closure of the competition. Any entries which are not received by 1st for Women prior to the closure of the competition will not be eligible to participate, regardless of the reason for the late entry. 1st for Women and its affiliates are not responsible for any entries which are not received by 1st for Women, whether timeously or at all, regardless of the cause thereof. Without limitation, 1st for Women and its affiliates are not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer hardware or software failure or malfunction, traffic congestion (whether physical, or on the Internet, telephone lines or at any service provider, web site or other device or medium), or any combination thereof, or any other technical or other problems.

20.  1st for Women and our affiliates are not responsible for any injury or damage to your or any other person‘s computer, mobile telephone or other device used by you to enter into, or obtain any materials related to, the competition.

21.  It is your responsibility to ensure that any information which you provide to 1st for Women is accurate, complete and up to date. Should any of the data provided by yourself in connection with this competition prove to be invalid, inaccurate, and false or misleading, your entry shall be disregarded, and you shall be prohibited from entering any further 1st for Women competitions for a set period to be determined by 1st for Women.

22.  1st for Women does not make any representations or give any warranties, whether  expressly  or implicitly, as to a prize, and in particular, but without  limitation, make  no representations and give no warranty that —

22.1  your entry or participation in the competition will necessarily result in you winning a prize;


22.2  a prize, or any aspect thereof, will meet your, requirements, preferences, standards or expectations.

23.  1st for Women and our affiliates will not be responsible for any harm, damage, loss or claim relating  to the provision  of any element  of a prize or any changes  to a prize that may be made at any time.

24.  Prizes are not transferable and may not be deferred, changed or exchanged for any other item.

25.  1st for Women may invite you to be present when the prize winners are determined or announced, to participate in any of our marketing activities, to appear in person in the electronic media and/or the print media, and/or to endorse, promote or advertise any of our goods or services, for which no fee, royalty or other compensation will be payable. You may decline such an invitation.

26.  1st for Women and our third-party suppliers, as the case may be, reserve the right to vary, postpone, suspend, or cancel the competition  and any prizes, or any aspect thereof, without notice at any time, for any reason which we deem necessary. In the event of such variation, postponement, suspension or cancellation, you agree to waive any rights, interests and expectations that you may have in terms of this competition and acknowledge that you will have no recourse against us, our affiliates and third-party suppliers.

27.  You agree that your participation in the competition, and your acceptance and/or use of a prize, or any aspect thereof, is at your own risk.

28.  1st for Women and our affiliates will not be responsible, and disclaim all liability, for any loss, liability, injury, expense or damage (whether direct, indirect,  incidental,  punitive or consequential) of any nature, whether arising from negligence or any other cause, which is suffered by your participation in the competition or the acceptance and/or use by you, or your partner (if applicable), of any prize, or by any action taken by us or any of our affiliates in accordance with the terms and conditions.

29.  You, and in the event of your death, your family, dependents, heirs, assignees or any other beneficiaries of your estate, indemnify and hold us and our affiliates harmless against any claim by you, or your partner (if applicable), (whether direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential) of any nature, whether arising from negligence  or any other cause, relating  to any injury, loss, liability, expense and/or damage which you may suffer, howsoever arising, in relation to your entry into this competition and/or acceptance and/or use by you of a prize.

30.  You acknowledge that the acceptance and use of a prize is subject to the proviso that —

30.1  all of the terms and conditions will apply to both you and your partner (if applicable),  and you will ensure that your partner agrees to be bound and complies, and will continue to comply, therewith;

30.2  you will take full responsibility for your partner;

30.3  you indemnify and hold us and our affiliates harm less against any claim by your partner or any third party in the event that your partner suffers  any loss or damage pursuant  to  your partner’s acceptance and/or use o( a prize;

30.4  any minor will be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

31.  By entering this competition, contestants agree to receive marketing and/or promotional material from 1st for Women and/or any of their associated or affiliated companies. No contestant or winner of this competition is in any way obliged to enter into a contract of insurance with 1st for Women and/or a contract with any of their associated or affiliated companies.

32.  For purposes hereof, "affiliate" means 1st for Women’s partners, co promoters and sponsors of this competition, our subsidiaries, our and their subsidiaries and respective holding companies, the subsidiaries of their holding companies, and our and their directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives.

33.  These terms and conditions will be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of contract and dispute resolution in the Republic of South Africa

34.  1st for Women and the judges' decision on any matter concerning the competition and/or arising out of these terms and conditions is final and binding on you, and no correspondence will be entered into.www.dmma.co.za


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