Home Assist

Home Emergencies

Because you put so much love into your house to make it a home, you deserve speedy assistance for home emergencies. That’s why we offer our Guardian Angels Home Assist benefit. We will cover the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for the services of plumbers, electricians, glaziers and locksmiths. 

The Home Assist service has an annual limit of five call-outs per household.

Home Improvement Specialists

We know you’re a great and considered decision-maker, which is why we give you access to a comprehensive database where referrals are given for builders, carpet specialists, painters, garden services, fire damage repairers, and more. 

What constitutes a home emergency?

A home emergency is any sudden, unexpected event at your home. These are events that require the immediate and/or urgent service of a plumber, electrician, glazier, or locksmith to ensure the safety of the occupants at your home or to limit/minimise further damage to your home. 

All benefits are product dependent