Terms & Conditions

Even the most careful drivers can be caught unawares by potholes and uneven roads. This product has been designed with this in mind and offers cover for accidental damage to your tyres and rims.

What can I claim for?

You can claim for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged tyres and/or rims fitted to the insured vehicle on the policy. Payment is subject to the cover limits stated in the policy schedule.

If tyres and/or rims need replacement, they will be replaced with tyres/rims of a similar value and specification (up to the maximum cover limits selected) to those fitted to the vehicle when a loss occurred.

Your obligations

If you do not fulfil all of the following obligations, cover may be cancelled.

Your obligations:

  • Give us true and complete information.
  • Use all reasonable care to maintain the vehicle in an efficient, roadworthy condition and take all reasonable precautions to prevent or minimise loss or damage.
  • Tell us about anything you have not yet disclosed, but that may be important for us to know in order to accept the policy, or about anything that changes that may be important for us to continue accepting the policy.
  • Incorrect information, non-disclosure or misrepresentation of information may influence us on any claims arising from your contract of insurance and may influence our decision to provide the benefits in terms of your policy, or to accept or terminate your policy.
  • Inform us if any of the policy details or declarations are incorrect or if any of these details or declarations change.

Disputed claims

After we inform you of the decision made on a claim, we will allow you 90 days to make the appropriate representations about our decision. If you do not comply with this time limit, we will not reconsider the disputed claim.

If we do receive representations, the decision will then be reviewed and the outcome communicated to you. If, after review, we do not indemnify you for a claim or any part of it and you wish to challenge our decision, you must serve legal process on us within six months calculated from the expiry of the 90-day period referred to above. If you do not comply with this time limit, you will be prevented from proceeding with legal process.

How do I make changes?

  • Call the Administration number (below).
  • Any change or cancellation that you make will be effective from the time and date agreed to.
  • We may change or cancel your policy by giving you 31 days’ written notice.

How do my payments work?

Your Tyre & Rim Guard policy gives you monthly cover and your premium is deducted in advance on the date stated on your schedule. If in the month following the activation of your policy (and onwards) we do not receive your premium on the due deduction date, you will be allowed a 15-day period of grace in which to pay your premium. If we still do not receive your premium after these 15 days, you will not have cover for that month.

Premium obligations

  • For your premium obligations, refer to the paragraph headed “Payment details” on your schedule. This will give you details regarding the premium payable, the manner of payment of premiums and the due date for payment of your premiums. Your policy will only commence upon receipt of the first premium.
  • Please take note that we agreed to collect the monthly payment for your policy by debit order. A deduction will be made on the same date every month. We reserve the right to deduct the premium on an alternative date in an attempt to ensure cover. Should this date fall on a weekend or public holiday, the deduction will be made either on the last working day prior to or the first working day after the weekend or public holiday. If we do not receive your premium on your preferred deduction date, we may attempt to collect your premium on a more suitable date in an effort to keep you covered. If payment is not received for three consecutive months, the policy will be cancelled immediately.

Payment stopped

When cover is interrupted because you have instructed the bank to stop your debit order payment, the policy will be cancelled immediately.

What is not covered?

We will not indemnify you for/if

  • the vehicle:

    • is or was being used for racing, speed or reliability testing, on trails, or for off-road activities when the loss occurred;
    • is or was used as a taxi or bus;
    • is or was being used for commercial purposes (e.g. courier services, driving instruction, commercial or agricultural use, or car-hire) when the loss occurred; and/or
    • was covered by a Comprehensive Motor Policy, and the damage to the tyres and rims arose from a vehicle accident, hijacking or theft;
  • the cost to repair or replace the tyres and rims was recoverable from any other insurance policy or warranty, i.e. if a claim is also covered by another policy, we will only indemnify you for our portion;
  • the tread depth of any damaged tyre fitted to the vehicle was below the legal limit (1mm) when the loss occurred;
  • the vehicle’s tare weight (the weight of a vehicle when there is no-one inside it or when it is not loaded) is over 3 000 kg (GVM);
  • damage resulting from chemical or atmospheric conditions, or any cosmetic damage;
  • manufacturing defects in the workmanship and/or materials of the tyres and/or rims fitted to the vehicle;
  • consequential loss resulting from damage to the tyres and rims of the insured vehicle;
  • physical damage to the body of the insured vehicle resulting from the damage to the tyres and rims;
  • wear and tear damage to the tyres and/or rims;
  • repairs done without our prior approval;
  • damage to the tyres and rims arising from a motor vehicle accident, or from misuse, neglect, or malicious damage;
  • the damage existed when the policy commenced;
  • any legal liability;
  • an incident that may lead to a claim against the policy that was not reported to us within 30 days of a loss;
  • any amount exceeding the maximum indemnity stated on the policy schedule; and/or
  • the cause of the loss or damage was due to a deliberate act or if a claim is fraudulent in any way.

How do I claim?

  • Call the Claims number (below).
  • There is no paperwork – all claims are handled telephonically!


You are liable to pay the applicable excess each time you claim, as stated on your schedule.

Administration & Enquiries

Sales & Admin: 0860 10 95 71
Claims: 0861 11 26 07


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