Home and Lifestyle Benefits

Home Assist

Emergencies at home don’t need to turn into nightmares! With Home Assist, we’ll cover the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for the services of plumbers, electricians, glaziers and locksmiths. You’ll also have full access to a comprehensive database where referrals are given for builders, carpet specialists, painters, garden services and fire damage repairers.

Concierge Assist

Concierge Assist, a lifestyle management service, provides assistance to busy women with busy lives. We can help with arrangements such as booking a car service, a dentist visit, flights, accommodation, car hire, tourist information, restaurant bookings, party venues, handymen and much more.

Entertainment Assist

Entertainment Assist provides you with access to entertainment event information, assistance with hotel accommodation bookings, restaurants, and general travel arrangements.

Legal Assist

Legal Assist offers women the opportunity to speak to qualified attorneys who provide telephonic legal advice services for the following: legal documentation, such as buying or selling a home; a lease; power of attorney agreements; wills and contracts; courtroom preparation; contractual law; and legal representation referral.

Tax Assist

Tax Assist's qualified and experienced experts provide telephonic guidance and information on taxation as well as finance-related matters. By using Tax Assist, you can make informed decisions about your financial status and be in the know on matters such as how to complete your income tax return; how to calculate taxes payable; what are allowable deductions; and how best to plan for your retirement.

Handbag Cover

A handbag contains some of our most cherished possessions, so we need to make sure that these valuables are covered for theft, loss, or damage. 1st for Women understands this and offers Handbag Cover to the value of R4000. This benefit is automatically included with 1st for Women Home Contents Insurance policies only.


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