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Women are pillars in society, whether it’s at a country level, at the companies they work for, or in their families and friendship circles. Women are powerful consumers and are taking on even more decision making responsibilities within the multiple roles they fulfil. One of these decisions is linked to insurance.

We found that more women were taking out their own insurance policies but at that time there were no products designed to meet their needs. As such, 1st for Women was born out of a desire to provide, for the first time, tailor-made insurance for women that could meet them on their own terms.

Our story starts in 2004 and over the years, we have been able to offer exceptional value to our customers. Not only that, but we also focus on inspiring confidence in women.

We believe that the world would be a much better place if more women were able to let their confidence shine. In all that we do, we aim to be the consistent reminder that encourages women to realise their inherent greatness, resolve, and power.

And although we know that women have their worlds under control, that extra support and a reminder of their inner strength when its needed most never goes amiss.

That’s why we offer tailor-made insurance cover that helps you move forward when trouble comes along through our BetterCar product; a saving on your insurance premium to go towards what matters most, and an extra pair of hands you’ve always wished you had through our Guardian Angels

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The 1st for Women Foundation

Not only does 1st for Women offer tailor-made insurance that supports women to be on the front foot in any situation, but we also help those in difficult situations through the 1st for Women Foundation. Over R40 million has been raised for our two causes: gender-based violence and cervical cancer. Thanks to our clients’ generosity, we have made a positive impact on many women’s lives. Every month, a portion of all premiums is donated to organisations that help these two causes, showing that, together with our customers, we can make a difference.


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