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All car owners need to renew their vehicle licenses every year. The problem is that there isn’t a proactive license renewal notification system and the processes are extremely frustrating and time-consuming due to filling in forms and waiting in queues at the post office or licensing departments. Renewals can also be costly due to penalties for late payment.

Road Protect provides a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of license renewals. License Protect will firstly notify you of upcoming renewals, and then provide a quick, easy and painless channel to get these licenses renewed, with the added benefit of having your licenses delivered to you.

License Protect services consist of:

  • A quick and efficient license monitoring and notification system
  • Reduced need to fill in long and complicated forms
  • Easy payment facility
  • Proof of license renewals
  • Delivery of renewed licenses to you
  • Assistance in the event that your licenses are lost or stolen


The safe, secure license renewal facility removes the hassle of queuing and provides proof of payment so you don’t need to

be concerned about roadblocks in the future.


We notify you of licenses that need renewal so you can avoid penalties for late payment.


Our expert team provides assistance if you lose your license.

License Protect  Terms & Conditions

  1. Road Protect will endeavor to notify the Member via email, SMS or telephone call approximately 1 month before a Motor Vehicle License issued to the Member is due to expire of the face value of the renewal amount to be paid by the Member. The Member must within 15 days of receipt of the notification pay the face value of the renewal to Road Protect who will in turn pay the fee on behalf of the Member to the relevant Authority.
  1. Road Protect shall not be liable for any fines or administrative penalties or any increase in the renewal amount if the applicable Motor Vehicle License is not renewed before the date of expiry.
  1. Road Protect will collect the Motor Vehicle License on behalf of the Member from the relevant Authority or Post Office and shall arrange for delivery of the said license to the Member.
  1. The License Protect service is limited to license renewals by South African Authorities only.

  2. The License Protect service is limited to the Main Member.
  1. In order to be entitled to the License Protect service a Member’s membership must be fully paid up at the time at which any of the License Protect services is to be rendered.
  1. At the time of the license renewal you must comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the NRSA, the NRTA, the RTA and any other legislation pertaining to the utilisation of a public road, as defined in the NRTA, including, without limitation, any such sub-ordinate legislation, regulations and by-laws pertaining to any of the aforementioned.
  1. Road Protect does not guarantee the performance of any Authority (including the license department) or Post Office.
  1. The invoices / quotations provided by Road Protect will only be valid for 15 days.
  1. Road Protect is not liable for any delays in payment or response by the Member.
  1. Road Protect cannot assist where a license renewal is blocked by the relevant Authority due to outstanding traffic fines or outstanding renewals on other vehicles.
  1. Due to the personal nature of the information, Road Protect cannot assist in making changes to Member’s details on eNaTIS.