Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to be courageous at the workplace

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by those you did.” Mark Twain

If anything, we would all like to be recognised for doing excellent work and be rewarded for it. However, sometimes being noticed is difficult as the working world is becoming more and more competitive. Having courage at work is beneficial for numerous reasons. It allows you to build self-confidence as well as motivates you to take calculated risks. It also gives you an opportunity to form relationships with your colleagues and clients and, most importantly, it allows you to have good rapport with your manager and boss, who are, after all, the ones that determine how fast you will climb the corporate ladder within your organisation. If you feel like you don’t have the confidence to be as courageous and bold as you can at the workplace, here are a few tips to improve your confidence levels:

  • Follow your resolve
    This is easier said than done. You may start the day with a clear plan of action on how you wish to tackle whatever tasks come your way. Over the course of the day, you may get side-tracked and forget these. Make it a point to have a clear idea in your mind of what you would like to accomplish and make sure that by the end of the day, week or month you have achieved that.
  • Remember to ask questions
    Those who seem interested in whatever they are doing are more likely to succeed. Next time, you’re in meetings or in discussions, make sure to ask as many questions as possible – however, make sure you are asking relevant questions.
  • Be brief and to the point 
    The workplace is made up of many different people from various backgrounds with different personalities; some people might not like speaking up at all, while others might enjoy talking a lot. If you happen to fall in the latter, it’s a good idea to remember that in meetings you should aim to keep your points brief and to the point; no one likes listening to a long and drawn out conversation with no end or no clear direction at all, especially as people have deadlines looming.
  • Go the extra mile
    There are two types of employees — those who wait to be told what to do and those who take initiative and find ways to be productive for the benefit of their company. By taking initiative to carry out tasks that you weren’t asked to, shows that you not only enjoy your job but you are worth keeping around. This also demonstrates your diversity and ability to interchange between different roles within the workplace.
  • Be flexible, have the ability to work with others
    Being able to work well with others in a team is a huge credit to your profile as an employee. It portrays the ability to cope well with different personalities, which is a huge factor when it comes to being promoted to a more senior or managerial position.
  • Be a team player; suggest other, better ways
    Working in a team requires tact, as people are different.. Ensure that everyone’s opinion is heard and respected. If you don’t agree with a point that’s raised, speak out and suggest a better alternative.
  • Insist on getting feedback to guide your actions
    Doing  something without  receiving positive feedback can get to anyone. If you would like to progress, you have to be brave and ask questions. Although it might seem daunting, it’s always good to ask where  you can improve. In an interview situation you might perhaps be mumbling your responses, which make you look self-conscious or are avoiding eye contact when speaking which makes interviewers feel like they can’t trust you. If you know, it’s easy to fix the little mistakes.
  • Take initiative
    It is good to make things happen. This can be doing whatever is required of you before  you’re even asked for it,  such as organising meetings, getting paper for the printing machine or coming up with suggestions on how to make the business work better.  
  • Stand up for your convictions and points of view
    Your organisation might be involved in unethical activities that you don’t agree with and they might expect you as an employee to become involved. What do you do? This is the time that you need to bring your courage into play and to stand up for what you believe in. It might cost you a promotion or your position, but it will make you feel a lot prouder, knowing that you stood up for what you know is right.

Being courageous can get you farther in the workplace. It can also push you into looking at other opportunities for improvement and growth, such as opening your own business, which is as bold as you can get. If you decide to venture into the business front, consider taking out business insurance that will look after your business interests. 1st for Women business insurance policies are just the right type of insurance you need as they are tailored to suit a variety of businesses.

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