10 tips for an awesome Easter road trip

Whether you’re planning an epic trip with the girls, a family vaycay or a couple’s retreat, road trips are a fantastic way to spend time with those you love while enjoying all of our country’s magnificent scenery.

With all the adventure that awaits, you don’t want over-planning and a rigid schedule to spoil the spontaneity but a rough plan and a few key preparations will help keep you relaxed and on track as you head off into the sunrise.

1. Make sure your car is worthy of the road

Before any long trip, a thorough check that your car’s in good working order, is always in order – not only for your safety and that of your passengers but for other road users too. Also check that your spare tyre’s in good nick, your petrol tank is full and you have enough oil and water. If you have a little spare time before your trip, why not brush up on tyre changing skills.

2. Jam pack with snacks

Staying energised and hydrated on the road will keep you mentally alert and physically on form. Just make sure you have plenty stops planned along the way for bathroom and stretch breaks. Stack up a cooler bag with food that’s easy to eat and healthy. Think nuts, biltong, fruit and pretzels and of course, plenty water. Pack an extra few plastic bags for rubbish to keep the car clean and uncluttered. You can of course pick up food at your pit stops so don’t keep things that will spoil easily or get squished along the way!

3. Avoid no phone phobia

Charging cables and battery packs are essential. Test these before you leave especially if you haven’t used them in a while. This is not so you can scroll through Instagram and Facebook for hours instead of enjoying all the wonderful sights and connecting with your travel companions, but rather so you can connect with the outside world in case of an emergency. Keep Guardian Angel on Call on standby. It’s the in-app crash detector that sends emergency help to your phone's location in case you're in an accident. Ts&Cs apply.

4. Game changer

There’s far more to road trip games then I Spy that can keep you occupied for hours. How about “At the Movies”. It’s really easy. One person starts and names an actor or actress, the next person needs to name a movie they starred in, then the next person needs to name another actor/actress from the same movie and so it continues. If someone gets the answer wrong, they don’t get to participate in the next round. Put a time limit on answers to see who cracks under the pressure! Check out more quirky game ideas here. If you’re travelling with young kids, engaging games like “I’m going on a picnic…” or 20 questions are great options. 

5. On-point podcasts

Get your travel companions to each pick a topic they’re interested in and download a podcast on it. This is a great way to understand and appreciate each other’s interests and will help spark conversation and debate. The best podcasts of 2017 will keep you entertained for hours.

6. Locals know what’s lekker

Not sure where to find the best eats around, along the road, ask the locals. We have become so dependent on technology, blogs and websites that we forget that people often have the most wonderful and rich answers. Wherever you do stop along the way, take in your surroundings to make sure you’re in a safe area.  

7. First aid kit

A headache or stomach cramps can really make a long trip unpleasant so a well-stocked first aid kit is always a good idea.

8. Go old school with pen and paper

While your GPS is probably your best navigation guide, keep a map book on hand or print out a giant map and plot your route. This is a good way to keep the kids involved and interested, allowing them to see how far you’ve gone and where your next stop is. It’s also a great keepsake and one which you can hang up at home after your trip. Jotting down memories and adding photos will make for an interesting and eye-catching feature.

9. Pre-road trip security and insurance check

The last thing you want is to worry about the safety of your home and what’s inside while you’re away. So make sure all your insurance is up-to-date before you leave – including your car, home, buildings and portable possessions cover.

10. Have a blast!

Remember why you planned a road trip in the first places – whether it’s to reconnect with your friends, spend time with your family or enjoy a romantic adventure, don’t let the little irritations on the road, like rude drivers or traffic jams, ruin the mood. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

And finally, remember that 1st for Women is with you every step and km of the way, so you’re always ready, just in case.

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