Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Be safe when using your gas this winter

An increasing number of women use LPGas (Liquid Petroleum Gas) for various reasons every day, whether for cooking, space heating or as an energy alternative in their businesses. With the weather being so cold, the use of gas, especially in the home is increasing, but unfortunately, if safety guidelines are not followed, gas can be potentially harmful.  As a result, the potential for fire-related incidents increases as many of us try to keep warm.

Being gas compliant is essential, this helps minimise the likelihood of fires and explosions in your business and home.  Although 1st for Women Insurance can cover your home and business against fire damage, it is also important for you to protect your home or business and put preventable measures in place.  Being proactive can save you a lot of heartaches.   Take note of the following safety precautions when using any LPGas appliances;


Safe Gas Appliances 


We use gas to prepare warm hearty meals and keep our homes warm, to ensure a safe environment for family and kids.  You should only buy appliances that have a Permit Verification Number displayed on them. This means that the appliances have been tested and are in compliance with the relevant South African safety standards and are fit for the intended use. A list of all permit carrying appliances can be found on:


Installing Gas Equipment  


As per South African law, only a registered Gas practitioner may install gas appliances or equipment. A comprehensive list of registered installers is available on: where practitioners can be located by town and suburb.

    • When having gas installed in a commercial property, ensure the installer is registered for commercial installations and is qualified for the specific size required.
    • Always turn your heater off at the cylinder valve before going to bed or leaving your office – in fact, at any time when the heater is not in use.
    • When changing the cylinder, first close the cylinder valve and then remove the regulator.
    • Test any gas appliance or heater for possible leaks by spraying a soap-water solution on all connections. Leaks will show in the form of bubbles and must be repaired immediately.
    • In the workplace, ensure that your commercial space heater is positioned away from any flammable materials and is not blocking any escape route.
    • Never place clothes or other items on or near your heater.
    • Do not move your unit while it is in use.
    • If you suspect a gas leak, turn off the gas cylinder immediately and, if possible, take the heater outside.

In order to receive maximum benefits from the efficiency of LPG appliances, it is important to ensure that all safety guidelines are closely followed. This will, in turn, warrant a reliable and efficient energy supply.

For more information visit: where you will also find a short instruction video on the safe use of LPGas Roll-About heaters.  ( . 

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