Posted on Friday, June 18, 2021

Wise words from the Fearless Fathers of 1st for Women

In honour of Father’s Day, we asked the dads of 1st for Women about their own experiences – and what being a Fearless Father means to them. We were inspired by their honest and heartwarming responses. We think you’ll be too! Here are just some of the wonderful insights they shared…


“To be a Fearless Father means changing the narrative of fatherhood and changing the perception of how the South African Fathers are sometimes perceived. A Fearless Father is always present in their children’s lives, during their joys and fears, always giving them the love and warmth they need and deserve. Fearless also means protecting them from any harm and being a hero to your kids.  It’s also important to create a healthy and a conducive environment for the kids to grow up fearless themselves and give them the necessary support to become the best that they can be.”



“To be a Fearless Father takes: Ability to love, bravery to protect, courage to inspire, determination to support, emotional intelligence to forgive, faith to see beyond weaknesses, guts to say I apologise, humility of unmeasurable amount, inspiration for your children to be the best they can be, a joyous smile to your family in the midst of hardship, kindness to build and support, love to conquer obstacles for them…”



“With my own 3 children, I really see what I was taught by my father coming into play on a daily basis.  Being there for your children, loving them differently and in different ways, dealing with the daily squabbles, having those crucial conversations, having those dialogues with them, understanding their dreams and supporting them.”



“What it takes to be a fearless father? For me it is simple, just BEING THERE. If my boy is crying or irritated, I hold him – when he sees my face, he smiles and it gives me peace to know that he trusts me.  He feels at peace, safe and protected.”



“Fearless Fathers are willing to step up and face any fear, and do whatever it takes to live up to their fullest potential. It always feels good when you do anything within your power to protect your family. The reason why I wake up every day and go to work is because I had a dream long time ago that I want to be a good example to other fathers out there.”



 “Come fault and failure, slip, fall or collapse, with my last breath I give my life to be the kind of father my kids are proud to call Dad.”

Dawood – single father of 3


"I wouldn’t trade the title of being a Father for anything. From the sleepless nights, to turning a frown into a smile and being called Dad. I may not wear a cape or fancy mask but I’m definitely a hero in my son’s eyes.”



“My kids come first and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Seeing a smile on their face is what keeps me going.”



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