Car Insurance

There are four types of car insurance policies for you to choose from -  Comprehensive 3rd Party Fire & Theft  and 3rd Party Only . You can also select insurance for your  motorcycle  and  off-road vehicle

Take a look at the car insurance options below to see what will best suit you, and your wheels.

This, coupled with a range of Fab Benefits, will take care of any unexpected bumps or hurdles you may encounter on your journey.

Statistically, we know that women are lower insurance risks than their male counterparts. They take fewer risks, make more careful decisions, usually stick to the speed limit and frown upon road rage. That said, accidents do happen, often causing major financial setbacks if you’re not covered with care.


This coupled with a range of Fab Benefits, will take care of any unexpected bumps or hurdles you may encounter on your journey

Directions Assist is a 24-hour helpline and provides direction guidance if you are travelling within the borders of South Africa.

Think of it as a telephonic GPS navigation system or your own personal pilot.

All it takes is one call. Clear directions will be given telephonically while en-route. They can also be faxed or emailed to you before you begin your journey.

After a girls-night out or a long road trip, you should always SMS your loved ones to let them know you have gotten home or to your destination safely. Alternatively, you could use Trip Monitor which will contact you every 30 minutes to ensure that you are still safely en route.

Should contact be interrupted, a family member or another specified person will be informed, and the time and location of last communication conveyed.

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