Business Insurance

We offer Business Insurance that takes cover with care to a whole new level.  The products are bespoke, appropriate to your specific type of business and more cost-effective because they do not include irrelevant inclusions.

Our different Business Insurance products that are available are:

  • 1st for Business Women
    This product has been designed for women who own a florist, hairdressing or beauty salon, book shop, coffee shop, a retail outlet or a garden service, for example.

  • 1st for Professional Women
    If you own a law, accountancy, auditing, brokerage or consultancy firm, this product has been specially tailored for you.

  • 1st for Women in Practice 
    This product is best suited to doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, veterinary surgeons and psychiatrists, for example.

  • 1st for Executive Women 
    This product has been designed for women who own a travel or estate agency, a general office, training centre or internet cafe, for example.

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Whatever your profession – we’ll arrange a business insurance policy that’s been tailored to suit you and your business’ needs best.

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